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Make sure to cover the outlets

For Father's Day have the barest inkling of fathering, haha.

Sans, Papyrus, Gaster (c) Undertale: in one sense it's impressive they dismantled a printer at that age
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What happened here? 😮😮😮😮

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Sans expression in the last panel xD
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You care enough to the point we’re you won’t let him get electrocuted, but you will snap his arm. Ok.
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he just doesn't want him dead

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I mean, Sans couldn't have gotten shocked if it's not plugged in right?
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Yeah, most electrical devices can still retain some power in them after being unplugged. 🤷‍♀️ Most modern PC's can hold it for days after being unplugged if you have a higher end one
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Actually, he would.

When you deal with transformers that are big enough (just the one of your microwave is big enough for that) once unplugged it can still deliver a strong zap or two (which can easily be lethal as it is a zap with less voltage and more amperage) before being discharged.

You really shouldn't mess with those.

This can also happen with a battery or anything holding electricity in fact, with of course different range of dangerousnesses, but Sans here don't really have room for error.

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owww that is something my dad used to said.... you did this on U jeje 
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We have a Ink Sans, and now an Ink Papyrus!
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And sans just glares at Gaster from the edge of the tub
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Oh look it’s ink
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The machine wasn't plugged in to an outlet, there was no danger of shock, But who cam deny parental instinct. No mater how hard you try to deny it Gaster. >:3
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Actually, if you unplug your microwave and take the transformer and start messing with it right away, there's a good change you'll die.

It can still deliver one or two zaps before being discharged, and a zap having less voltage and more amperage is way more lethal (like, really).

You can also receive a zap from batteries this way, or anything holding electricity, with zaps that are more and less dangerous.

But here Sans doesn't really have room for error wherever or not this thing from the printer is more or less powerful than the transformer of a microwave.

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That's really interesting.
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Nonsense! Such power machines are hard to get! Can't have a thing ruin it!
That's what he tells himself, anyway.
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such doin science, much poran work, ver smart skeles
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PAPYRUS: Tashing? 

SANS: NUh-huh! NOPE! 

SANS: FuCk Dis ShIt I'm OuT!!
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Only one thing puzzles me here...

Why did Gaster even put the printer where they could reach it?
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I just realized this...
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It’s impressive how they’re able to dismantle a printer at such a young age
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