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Let my beard comfort you

More mercy adventures as babies! Well, plus a few years. Got your work cut out for you.

Gaster signing with his actual hands for a change of pace, haha.


Edit - Check out Jamadubs' dub! (Spanish)

Hungarian translation!
Chinese translation!
German translation!
Spanish translation!

Gaster, Asgore, Sans, Papyrus (c) Undertale: lion and bear pajamas
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Wow, Gaster must've had just a wonderful childhood! Okay, but in all seriousness, this just makes me love his character so much more. I feel a lot of empathy for Gaster.

In the last panel, Sans was hiding in Asgore's beard! XD

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im sorry but that title caught me off guard i always read the title last so it make me laugh

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Wait this is the type of nightmares y'all had? When I was younger I had a nightmare where a bunch of shirtless guys showed up and everyone is known died slowly in a car crash
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A monster had a nightmare about a monster?
..Actually, I had nightmares about humans fairly often.
I always assumed the monster Papyrus saw in his nightmare was Frisk
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I guess that’s fitting, since monsters on the Genocide route refuse to call Frisk a human.
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Gaster had just the greatest parents, didn't he?
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“Let my beard comfort you”

*sees sans in asgore’s beard*

l o l
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Big dark monster? Did Papyrus get a Vision of a Genocide Fallen?
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Just noticed that Gaster's glasses are taped to the side of his head. I mean I guess I never really gave it that much thought, but it makes sense. He doesn't have ears, after all. Also, as skeletons, shouldn't they have the holes where the cartilage used to be?
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I know this supposed to be one fo those angsty even-the-happy-AUs-have-sad-parts posts, but his glasses being taped on is disproportionally funny to me.
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I never noticed until you said that and now it’s all I can see.
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Well I'm glad I could help open your eyes.
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That was so CORNEA could barely believe it.
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This is even more sad when you see that Gaster isn't being a dick or anything. He is legitimately confused as to why he should do anything. His parents just didn't do those sorts of things.
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I love Sans in the last panel, tucked into Asgore's beard lol
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Also him on the 20th panel
Dem coot eyes

Edit: I meant 21st panel
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