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Just want to chew a FEW bones
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Published: May 22, 2018
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Someone was wondering what would happen if someone picked up Sans around Papyrus and tried to walk off with him, which prompted this quick silly doodle. Sans only gets carried when he wants to get carried.

Sans, Papyrus, Dogaressa (c) Undertale: like most monsters sans has a "home" which is just a point in 3d space, and he'll patrol a certain radius around that point, now if you do a trick called "sans raising" by entering and exiting a room then
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"Wait, where were you coming from anyways?"

"Well, you know, dogaressa tried to jump my bones again."

"Dear lord sans."
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This is an interesting twist on Little Blue Riding Sans.
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TheNimbusCloudHobbyist General Artist
sans fan girls in a nutshell 
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was she gonna harvest him for his bones or some crap cuz thats dark
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Dat-ChococatHobbyist General Artist
Dogaressa seems pretty boned.
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Did I just witness attempted child kidnapping?
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Marshy-CatHobbyist Digital Artist
Well Sans is an adult. So just just witnessed attempted adult kidnapping. But yes. Yes you did.
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to be fair, sans IS as tall as a child
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Marshy-CatHobbyist Digital Artist
True. Sans is smol. Smol Sans.
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most of the royal guards/sentries we've seen in Undertale are dogs.... new reason why Pap shouldn't be in the royal guard. (first reason was he's too innocent and could get hurt very easily because of that, even though he's strong.
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the description is cut off
 exiting a room then-  what?
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KitKat2345Student General Artist
It's a reference to a video about beating some Super Mario 64 level with half an a press or something, I can't remember what the exact video was called.
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teleport lol
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I have a theory that the reason you only see those two skels in the whole game is because of this exact scenario with the various breeds of dog-monster.
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Marshy-CatHobbyist Digital Artist
Sans' only fear is seeing Pap taken by the dogs.
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She probably just wanted to wake him so he'd make a few bones for her. They produce them in their attacks, after all, and monster food, like the bones, is made of magic.
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Mira-ImageHobbyist Traditional Artist
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EnderLawrence3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD he teleported.
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Taste SM64 speed running reference.
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danish translation

SANS! jeg læste
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theblackcat1007Hobbyist General Artist
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killb94Student Filmographer
What was she gonna do? Chew on him for being made of bones?
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