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Just stick em to some reeds

Fish eggs vs lizard eggs, fight

Edit - A dub!


Undyne, Alphys (c) Undertale: survival of the fishest
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Alphys be like: Mah babies...

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Why do I see this going to finding Nemo territory.
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Lol, poor Alphys XD

This reminds me of that Futurama episode where Kif has babies >_>;

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Alphys looks so traumatized in the last panel. I love these two X3
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I wonder who they got as donor for the eggs...
Not how shark eggs work, though... well, at least some sharks.  And sea turtles also do the "lots of eggs 'cause most of 'em die" thing.  So there you go, then.  Funny anyways.
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When it comes to sharks it actually depends on the shark species what they do. Some shark species give birth instead of laying eggs, which is pretty weird and cool.
Those sharks make fewer offspring but I guess those sharks have a higher chance of survival.
The lemon shark is one of the shark species that give birth, I've seen some footages of it.
I've also once seen a video of a dead stranded shark that was pregnant, and the babies inside were still alive and twisting around in there.
A man then cuts open the shark's stomach with a knife and removes the baby sharks and then throws them into the water. I think there were five baby sharks in total. It was a pretty cool video.
Not sure how many eggs egg-laying sharks lay though... but since sharks are predators and are born in the safety of the sea instead of on the beach, I think maybe not as many as sea turtles.
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We dissected dogfish sharks during a zoology class once. Apparently, their pregnancy lasts for four years.

Also the TA lifted one of the specimens from the bottom of the cart at just the right angle that an almost-fully grown baby slipped out. They were like o_O for a moment and then just moved on. It was great.

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FOUR YEARS?!? Daamn, and I thought elephants had a long pregnancy!

That scene sounds awesome and hilarious lol

i assume the author headcanons her as a type of fish, fish lay hundreds of eggs, but to each their own!
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alphys breath!
take into account that she's a fish. they lay exceptionally more eggs than lizards do.
and since there are no real predators around....i 'fish' you two all the best of luck

….is the underground really big enough to handle all of them??

*fades into mist before undyne can slap me*
Undyne i would be so mad with you if it wasn't true...
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...Who’s the father?
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Whoever’s not birthing the children
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wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll….. they're monsters, not humans!
I think the theories that "regardless of gender, they can have children. except the guy on guy action since none of them have a womb" or "when two monsters combine their souls, it's more of a ritual of summoning a baby. and poof they are there!" IDK USE YOUR IMAGATION!!!
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wait but
in the underground
there are no predators
how are they going to raise 400 children
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Sneak them off to some unsuspecting monsters! Just throw them on the doorstep and run!
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but won't the  unsuspecting monsters know who's kids they have once they hatch?
i mean isn't undyne the only "fish" monster we find in the game? XD
and both her and alphys' attitudes are un mistake
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Uh.... We'll figure it out later? :worries: 
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ok, works for me lol
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