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It's way in the back

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Published: July 11, 2017
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Gaster if you thought even a LITTLE ahead sometimes



Edit - A dub!

Português do Brasil

Gaster, Alphys (c) Undertale: now what
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HamycchHobbyist General Artist
and now she's literally in the closet.
someone kill me.
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ZoraTheTwilightDrakeHobbyist Artist
they never heard of her again
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That is when the knight in shining armor, Undyne, comes to save Alphys from the darkest depths of Gaster's wicked closet.

First, she will have to go through the deadly trial of walking through lab coat forest.

Then, swim through the dangerous river of dirty laundry.

And finally, pass the ultimate sinister boss...the one who is locking sweet freedom away from the thick weaboo princess...

G a s t e r ' s u m b r e l l a

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HamycchHobbyist General Artist
You forgot about the umbrella's scarf minions.
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panicked-screechingHobbyist Digital Artist
the skelebros would just be so confused
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Why don't you just kiss her again to get her distracted? XD
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LorphenHobbyist Writer
XD Im cracking up. A dark closet? Really, Gaster? 😅
I swear. This is priceless.
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Meezer-MuirHobbyist Artist
now what
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jjarsHobbyist Writer
People do crazy things when they're in LOVE!
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RubyMythdreamerHobbyist General Artist
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jjarsHobbyist Writer
I don't think Gaster has the social acumen to ruin anyone's ship. Kill them, sure, but if he was going to do that, he would've done so before closing the door to the closet.
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MaskedMan-NeddBearHobbyist Digital Artist
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Dragonfur-the-wolfHobbyist Digital Artist
>.< G let'er out! UNDYYYYNNNNNEEEEEE _le steals a spear from Undyne and smashes the door open-
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ShadowBloodTheDragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
f'ing awesome XD
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BatkittyPlaysAJHobbyist General Artist
i dont know why, but this seems to be reminding me of spongebob XD
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PurplestshirtHobbyist General Artist
no worries Alphys it's just waaaaaaay back in there with the other skeletons in his closet ;) 
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DaffyTaffyDTHobbyist Digital Artist
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SeanaharisAJStudent Digital Artist
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Find the 1 and you will get kissed in 11 days
find the $ and you will have good luck for 2 years



*****MAKE A WISH*****
Find the m and your wish will come true
Repost to 9 other pictures and everything will come true..ignore this and you will have bad luck for 9 years..

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All54321Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd rather not for #1
Yo, why'd I even look then?
Aslo, the M/N one took a while, they kinda started blurring together after a bit
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xXDittooXxHobbyist General Artist
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