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It's not very effective...


You ever plan out a conversation with someone in your head only to have it go completely differently than you thought when it actually happens? Related, have you ever gotten mad at your sibling and said something you instantly regretted? Oh Sans, this isn't going well.

Edit: Important Notice!
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Edit - Check out audiospawn's dub!


Sans, Papyrus, Grillby (c) Undertale: codependence continues to have downsides
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o .

wait. Is he saying "you won't even remember this" because.......................?

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Is....Is Papyrus wearing daisy dukes denim shorts?

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(Dukes of Hazard Horn in the distance)

What can I say, I‘ve watched quite a bit of the show

I noticed the shirt but not the shorts. He totally is.

~Just the good ol’ boys~

uhh grillby.... think your towel's burning...

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Dude, you guys really need to learn how to control your idiotic emotions. Think before you let your emotions out. Don't let one moment of your life let you regret your whole life.

I just hate the fact that Flowey is probably watchig everything now );<

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Yes and us too!

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This is all part of the timeline isnt it.. The fighting, Sans Finding the machine. They think they're getting somewhere, doing something different. But its all scripted.
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i imagine the line between Grillby's glasses are his mouth so he looks like


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I can’t unsee it now
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He he I can relate 100 percent to this entire comic hehe

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Why would he not remember?
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He got mad and started trying to hurt papyrus by saying he was too stupid to remember the conversation

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Sans has found out about DT's effects on the timeline.
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been there done that banged my head on the table

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cant relate
brother deserves every single insult lol
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oh god my poor boys... it hurts that I can relate so much to sans in this
zarla, you are such a good story writer, i am feeling genuine sadness from this
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Oh this child.
This. Child.
Papyrus makes me so sad because he's a mix of my worst traits, but also my sister's best. He's fun, and outgoing and perseverant, like her, but he can't handle betrayal at all and is unable to control what he thinks/says in an emotionally charged event.
He desperately needs somebody to lean on (is that a C chord I hear?) and with Flowey gone AWOL and Sans hiding his findings, even if for what he sees as a good cause, it just... doesn't compute. All Papyrus can read from that is people shutting him out, and he can't take it.
Am I getting too deep? It's HandPlates, probably not. But I'm gleaning what I can.
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So... did Sans teleport home ahead of Papyrus?

"Top 10 pictures taken before disaster"

- me, upon seeing the second panel

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