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In amongst the limes

I wonder if Alphys can drop her tail if she's in danger.


Edit - A dub! (Spanish)


Alphys, Gaster (c) Undertale: the typo is intentional
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Oh no did she send him a fanfic by accident?
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A 4K lemon? She's got nothing better to do with her time SMH
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Oh god, a lemon?
Why Alphys why?
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I don’t know what to say...
but this is very relatable.
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And then Gaster has to shove calcium dusted food at her for the next two weeks while she grows it back being all grumpy like "What have we learned....? -.-"

"D-doublecheck my files before sending them..."

Gaster's still waiting on that answer PFT. 
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lol now i'm picturing alphys bringing a little thing of calcium dust with her to lunch so she can put it on her sandwiches and crickets
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Gaster slowly backs away from the crickets but at least she's getting the extra vitamins she needs lol.  
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Alrighty then?
NC-17 is the tag for grown up stuff (worse than 18+) and Alphys wrote a fan fiction of that level.
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Ok, but the part that accually got to me, is the last panel.
Sometimes some reptiles detach their tails when they notice a predator and leave it as a distraction.
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Oh OK, that makes sense lol. :3
Thank you for the info. It was really helpful. :3
NC-17 holy shit she's got the filthiest mind in the underground.
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"Standard nerd." (spoken in Denholm Reynholm voice from 'The IT Crowd')

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Whoops. I don't think she expected that :D I love this, it fits her character so well. Linking her with some real lizard traits makes this even more funny.
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... Lemon...?????
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Common term to refer to a story with sexual content.
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If a story says it's a Lemon, it means it's for adults.
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