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If you'll play with us

By zarla
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:iconjazaaboo: asked for Pikmin related Ladies for Obligatory Ice Level Day and I complied! how could i resist, two things i love in one picture
It was sort of hard to pin down what Pikmin went with which lady though, haha. Hunter could go with Red for her scrappiness and Yellow for her Parkour, Smoker with Red for fire and White for poison, it goes on and on.
~jazaaboo wrote more about Pikmin and the Valley of Repose here!

Sort of going for a picturebook paper cutout feel here, like someone cut out bits of construction paper and glued them together. :B
Wallpaper sized!

Pikmin (c) Nintendo
I guess Charger and Jockey (c) ~jazaaboo here since this isn't L4D related really, and Smoker and Hunter would be mine I guess.
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"Newcomers to play with us, too many years we've been all alone..." Don't judge me.
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'This is going to be Steve, we are not going to like him'
Later on he has his own facebook page...
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u don't like steve?
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No, I'm just quoting!
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I THINK chugga said that once, I don't know...
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haha, i remember pikmin and im ten! i love that game, we have it for gamecube!
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there all so cute
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This is adorable. XD
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why haven't they done four player pikmin? you'd think, Wii+Pikmin=New game, but it never did. :?
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....wait, you mean this ISN'T papercraft? Wow. Had me fooled.
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Pikmiiiiiiiiiiin! Gosh, I haven't even thought about this game in ages xD
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This cutout style is HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG. *chinhands* The Smoker piggyback ride just seals the deal for me.
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When the world has been overidden with Zombies... Escape in a rocket and soar to a planet that is iddenticle to Earth, only 10x bigger~ =3
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Ah the "construction paper cutout" look... I like it.

I also find it amusing that smoker appears to be begrudgingly carrying the white Pikmin. Like, "Great... ANOTHER weird one gets attached to me... frickin albino veggies..."
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drawn to the poisonous smoke she emits!
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omg loooooooove it!
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Mucho me gusta. I've always liked the storybook aesthetic.

"a told b, and b told c, I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree."

Cute and fun!

"Skit skat skoodle doot, flip flop flee! I'll beat you to the top-"

-er, sorry.

I'm going to remember that story 'till the day I f***ing die.
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You totally succeeded with the construction paper look, fyi. Btw it looks great!
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