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I'm holding onto this anxiety for a friend

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Ended up splitting this one in half, but it could’ve been worse I guess. This isn’t the best place to cut it off, but it’s about the midway point! The rest of the conversation will follow soon enough, haha.

As much fun as being massively codependent is, the bros really need to talk to other people sometimes. Papyrus is thinking about what Sans told him back when he first started explaining this whole thing to him! He took those words very seriously.


Papyrus, Undyne (c) Undertale: phew she won't suspect a thing

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ThePurpleSuitcaseHobbyist General Artist

If you ever do a how-to-draw-hands tutorial, please let me know. I love how you draw hands, and it'd be cool to see how you go about it.

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GlitchyInksNew Deviant

I've been reading Handplates for so long, and now that I finally have an account, I have to say that I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Such a poor sad Papy though... I mean, his poor friend... XD

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AquadreionNew Deviant

Sans and Paps are humouring each other. They both strive to keep the other happy... I feel so bad for them gosh xD

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ThePurpleSuitcaseHobbyist General Artist

As I understand it, "codependent" is a term for an unhealthy relationship that basically works like addiction. Codependency is filled with manipulation, resentment, and guilt. Really the brothers are heavily "interdependent" - their relationship is pretty healthy and they aren't ever abusive toward each other. They each hold their own and balance each other out and push each other to be better and feel safe with each other - codependent people don't do that. Basically you know it's massive codependency if they'd be really better off without each other (like Edgar and Scriabin!) Healthy "interdependent" relationships get balanced out with other people and other interests, which the bros are each establishing now that they have a chance, and they are encouraging each other in those pursuits - codependents tend more toward jealousy and keeping the partner all to themselves. Flowey seems to be trying to set up a codependent relationship with Papyrus, manipulating and gaslighting and isolating him and giving not out of love but with selfish ulterior motives. Pap gets validation and a "friend" in exchange for entertaining Flowey and satisfying his curiosity and reinforcing his kill-or-be-killed world view. Actual selfless love is notably lacking in one or both partners in codependent relationships, and codependent relationships tend to be unequal and exploitative. It's unfortunately something I've had personal experience with and had to learn about.

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zarlaHobbyist General Artist

Fair! Their relationship could definitely be a lot worse for each other, haha. Edgar and Scriabin are definitely an unhealthy example of being obsessed with someone and centering your life around them. The brothers are starting to branch out at least!

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tell the fish. she will keep it safe

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kitsuneislifeHobbyist General Artist

shit I’m gonna cry for a fictional innocent sweet baby again.. NOT AGAIN

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LittleKitty8204Hobbyist Writer

papyrus having panic attacks should become a regular thing-

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mintmoonstoneNew Deviant

Yesss we need this

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TheProtobabeProfessional Digital Artist

Reading this and reading the context again made me ugly cry, thanks for that Zar.

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MouseFailHobbyist Digital Artist

That first bit gave me a whiplash of confusion IM WHEEZiNG-

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DarkstarWolf53Hobbyist General Artist

Gah Papyrus needs a hug too. Dangit Zarla, you are such a good writer!

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IcyDiNew Deviant

Can't wait to hear the dub of these! Great job! 👍

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PetsofDanyNew Deviant
I am incredibly impressed with the amount of work you do and have been doing for YEARS for this comic. I’m enjoying every bit of it.
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I wonder if Undyne will decide to investigate the matter on her own because of concern for her friend and protege?

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Greenfeather16New Deviant

I really hope so because I really want her to know what's going on. Poor Papyrus made a promise to Sans to not share their situation but he really needs to have more comfort outside of his brother right now... qnq

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I hope she does too. I suspect she'll try to help somehow, just don't know how yet.
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eurekatf2New Deviant
holy shit, the thought of papyrus constantly being terrified of sans killing himself is so upsetting
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Greenfeather16New Deviant

I died when I realized that qnq

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Hide-HikaoNew Deviant
Man, probably what Sans said is the hardest thing in the whole story for Pap, I mean, he could be strong to face any, literally any situation and consequence even if everything goes in the most terrible way That's possible, he know he can face cuz he have Sans with him, but if he looses Sans he would lost his life meaning... Seriously, it hurts in my soul to see both of them suffering like that T . T
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