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I can do 20 sadness reps

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When you've been carrying something by yourself for a long time, it can be a relief to let someone else carry you for a little while.


Undyne, Papyrus (c) Undertale: finally got to draw papyrus being princess carried, the dream has come true
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Imagine that this ends with sixbones. And pap dying is just him falling down

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LittleKitty8204Hobbyist Writer

if this actually ends with that one sixbones comic imma be m a d

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Hide-HikaoNew Deviant
Yesssssss! Undyne!!!! Im so grateful she is with Pap 🤩🤩🤩 hope Pap realize what a truly friendship is and get rid of flowey tho...
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CircusBaby6666Hobbyist General Artist


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SkyTheWolf30Hobbyist General Artist

Started reading theses yesterday... I caught up already?!?! Well, I’m excited for the next one haha

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PhoenixScribeHobbyist Writer

Aw, what a good friend.

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AquadreionNew Deviant

In Papyrus' case, having a friend to back you up and to talk to is actually really relieving. Even if it can't truly fix the problem, it feels nice to escape the world or just simply relax a bit. Undyne really is a good friend. ^^

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0ArtsNew Deviant

I am very fond of your art style! Good luck on the "Handplates" story.

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FlipFlopMaster01New Deviant

love your work, never give up! we all care for you and do not leave this precious comics (yup mah english sucks -_-)

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ThePurpleSuitcaseHobbyist General Artist

Aww, Undyne is awesome! I love the dynamic you have going on with these two!

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cracratratraNew Deviant

Undyne is the best so kind and tough wish I was that strong and brave I'm kinda a coward

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This page makes me feel good knowing that Undyne's there to support Papyrus. But also worse knowing that this situation is much bigger and more intangible than anyone here, even Undyne. *sigh* the struggle is real

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kitsuneislifeHobbyist General Artist
it’s fine, i’m fine, this is fine
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NobodyNaboruHobbyist Digital Artist

The Piledrivers bit had me laughing and then the wholesomeness had me tearing up. <3

Thank you for this.

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jolliapplegirlHobbyist Digital Artist

You never truly understand how much someone's support can help you until its freely given. Most people don't know they need it until they have it and it's like the world is just a bit brighter.

As someone who spent a lot of time alone, I definitely understand the relief Papyrus feels. To have someone who will stand by you and help when you need it is one of the most special things one person can grant another.

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cloudjp1537New Deviant
loving the titles
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w00dfurStudent General Artist

Wholesome Undyne makes me make little cuteness noises

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DarkstarWolf53Hobbyist General Artist

Aww, this was pretty cute! Also i love the fact she carries Papyrus

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mdchanHobbyist Artist

I love your rendition of Undyne. <3

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HamycchHobbyist General Artist
I know she can’t save him or anyone else, but this gives me so much relief.
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twilightvoid12Hobbyist Artist

and then it gets worse. LOL

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And then she's unable protect him from the child. Imagine how that felt! Or rather, will feel...since this is the genocide route timeline.

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Even though the end left a feeling of unease, I actually teared up a bit from gratitude to Undyne.

For Pap to know that he has another person in his corner, that's only ever been kind and supportive, for him to realize he doesn't have to shoulder the world, it just makes me so happy for him. Just imagine the relief he must feel. Now he can be there for Sans in a better mind sight which will help the both of them. :)


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Greenfeather16New Deviant

This does give me so much relief. Seeing an anxious Papy is so heartbreaking, especially considering it's so different from the Papyrus we know from Undertale.

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