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Franziska von Karma (c) Phoenix Wright: #$^# bullets!
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No, no they can't.

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Franziska:  ...The irony.  (uses other arm to use whip to snatch the gun from Shelly de Killer)
Shelly de Killer:  Impressive.  I had no idea he taught you that trick.
Franziska:  He didn't.  I learned that on my own.
OtakuFangirl1200's avatar
Hahah nothing's stopping her! XD
tremedar's avatar
Ain't got time to bleed....I have a guilty verdict to get!
pwnerj's avatar
"Dying? I don't have TIME for death!"
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Isn't it funny how it was her right shoulder that got shot? And how she kept the bullet inside her? Does that sound... familiar to anyone?
VixenTFox's avatar
Actually the bullet was removed. She kept the bullet, but not inside of her.
EssixTheFalcon's avatar
*cough*her dad*cough*
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Blueflame98's avatar
I'm surprised the bullet could penetrate her sheer titanium-powered aura of *PERFECTION*
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Well, hey, Miles was able to do the same to her father at AGE 9. UNINTENTIONALLY.
EssixTheFalcon's avatar
You got point. No one can escape from Edgeworth

No one....
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When this happened I actually started cheering. I'm glad DeKiller shot her.
LawyerGirl227's avatar
Franziska: Don't be foolish I am to perfect to be shot!
Theghastlygastly's avatar
Like father, like daughter.
BlazingGuns's avatar
Even death can only make them stumble!
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This is made of so much win.
When they announced in the game that she'd been shot, I was torn between horror (I LIKED this character) and wondering why she wasn't there anyways. Guess Edgeworth has had enough of von Karmas nursing grudges and bullet wounds on their own.
Can SO see this happening lol.
PuddingValkyrie's avatar
Ha ha, they really can't XD

"Dammit, I have defense attorneys to crush!"
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Franziska von Karma was shot in her RIGHT shoulder! This comic is based off of a falsity!
lol but it did make me laugh so koodose (or however you spell it)
VixenTFox's avatar
This is true.. but they probably had to mirror it to prevent copyright stuff.

It's called kudos.... it's a candy-granola bar thing I think. They used to be good.
Exekyl's avatar
Lol no, kudos is like a way of saying "good job" XD Not the candy bar
I don't know why I spelled it that way XD Probably had a brain fart that day
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