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Hunter and Smoker Ukagaka/Ghost



READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY i really don't want to have to field the same questions that are answered here in the description again and again, haha

Anyway, it occurred to me that in spite of putting unbelievable amounts of time and work into these two (three) over the years, I never actually put them up here for real. I guess I kept telling myself I'd put them up after the next item or adjustment or whatever and then never did it. WELL I'M DOING IT NOW.
SO, HERE WE HAVE THE HUNTER AND SMOKER UKAGAKA/GHOST! What is an Ukagaka/Ghost, you may be wondering? An Ukagaka (伺か)/Nanika (何か)/Ghost is basically a little program that adds some characters to your desktop. These characters are highly customizable and can be very complicated, depending on the Ghost. Each Ghost is different (they are not the same as Shimejis, if you're wondering). A FLELE (Shell-Collectors) is a type of Ghost, if you've messed with those.
Here are Hunter and Smoker's features!
  • They talk to each other and to you! Sometimes they will ask you questions, and they have specialized dialogue for times of the day, week, seasons, and months, as well as certain days.
  • There are items you can unlock and use to trigger different things
  • They have a relationship stat that keeps track of how they feel about you, which can affect things they say and items you can use
  • Charger is a bonus third character can be unlocked, and she has her own unique set of conversations with them and her own relationship stat with you
  • You can play Rock Paper Scissors with Hunter, and Blackjack and Tic-tac-toe with Smoker
  • You can battle a Rabite with Hunter
  • You can pet them, touch them, or hit them with varying results
  • Smoker can check the weather, set an alarm, fix your system's clock, keep track of RSS feeds, and check if you have new email (provided you know your POP settings)
  • You can personalize them by giving them new names, as well as giving them titles to refer to you by and pronouns for them to use.
  • You can tell them to update themselves and they'll check for new dialogue and such and download it automatically!
I recorded a video of them so you can see how they work if you're curious or confused! - link

How to Install them

You'll want to go to the page I set up for them. There are two methods for installation! READ THE PAGE CAREFULLY and pick the installation method that appeals to you. If you can't get the .nar files for some reason, here are some mirrors.

hunter_smoker.nar - link
hsballoon.nar - link

Basically, you'll want to install and run SSP, then drag and drop the nar files onto the current Ghost, which should install Hunter and Smoker and their balloon. Then you can switch over to them by using the "Change Ghost" tab in the right-click menu. You can download SSP here. It is a Japanese program but it's pretty straightforward and very lightweight, and you can switch all the menus and such into English very easily. I explain how on the page but I'll put it here too.

  1. Download SSP
  2. Unzip it/install it somewhere.
  3. Run SSP.EXE. It should load up a catgirl ghost named Emily. She might toss an input box at you asking for your name, you can put whatever in there, it doesn't matter. If you right click her, you should see a menu. Near the bottom it should have a tab called Language, and there you can set the program to English.
  4. Reboot SSP and see if the menus are in English! If they are, you're in good shape. Emily will still be in Japanese though.
  5. Download the hsballoon and drag and drop it on the catgirl's face. It should look like she's installing something.
  6. Do the same thing with the huntersmoker.nar.
  7. Once she's done installing things, right click her again and go to Change Ghost in the menu. You should see Hunter and Smoker listed there, so swap over to them. Tadah!

SSP should run on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10, I'm pretty sure. I'd be surprised if it didn't work on a Windows environment newer than XP, honestly...

If you don't have Windows

In that case there are a few things you can try. I can't test these myself, but I HAVE heard from Mac users who got Ghosts running using these methods, so it's not impossible. The first three Mac sites are in Japanese, but WineBottler is in English. PlayonMac+SSP I think is probably your best bet - run the page through Google Translate and give it a shot. It should have pictures to help too.
I haven't heard from any Linux users though, so I can't really help you too much on that end.

Mac - Ukagaka on Macs, NiseRingo, PlayonMac+SSP, WineBottler (I think?)
Android - Ukagaka for Android

If you get a notice saying SSP is a virus, I dunno what to tell you, really. It works fine and seems perfectly clean on my computer! It's up to you if you want to use it or not.
Basic Usage

Double-click their bodies to open their menus. Hunter has an FAQ section in her menu about how all the functions work, so if you're not sure, you can ask her about a given thing and she'll tell you.
Double click their faces to hit them.
Move your mouse back and forth over their heads to pet them. Your cursor will change when you're in the right spot. You should also get a little tooltip.
If you hit one of them by accident, you can apologize to them by going into the "Hunter (or Smoker), I..." option in their menus and choosing to apologize.
To unlock Charger, try asking about her a lot via the anchor book, if you've clicked the link to her name once. She may sometimes just appear on her own. Once she has, the walkie talkie in Smoker's item menu will be unlocked, and you can call her any time.
If you feel like you've messed up your relationship with them, you can reset it in Smoker's menu.
To keep them on top of your windows, right click them and go to Options - Ghost preferences and check "Always show foreground".
The Test Variable in Hunter's menu will up your relationship with them 20 points and unlock all items.
By default they say something every five minutes, but if you want to up that rate or make them silent entirely, you can do it from the config menu in Smoker's menu.

If you're interested in Ghosts and/or want to look into making one yourself, I wrote up a big long site about how to do that! It has more information about Ghosts and how they work than I'm getting into here, but a lot of it is technical stuff that's not super relevant to the casual user...

(Psst... if you've made it down this far, here's a tidbit: I'm currently working on a Gaster ghost. I don't know when he'll be done, here he is! Dr. Gaster Ukagaka/Ghost)

Hunter, Smoker (c) Meeeee. Their friend Charger is jazaaboo's though.
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I've had these guys for more than a year and I still haven't managed to unlock the hypno pendulum! I think it's supposed to unlock when one of them falls asleep and triggers sleep dialogue? Smoker has fallen asleep before and talked in her sleep, but the pendulum still didn't unlock.