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Hmm. Welp.

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And the other half! Papyrus isn't lying, he actually isn't sure what he remembers now. Flowey's made him doubt his own memory, which isn't something that's happened before to him, he's confused. Sans suspects something is up, but there are bigger problems to deal with, like how everything sucks and they're all going to die. What's the point of anything!

Flowey being very careful to avoid Sans this time around, that's gone badly for him before.


Sans, Papyrus, Flowey (c) Undertale: man i have to wait until eclipse gets its act together before i can organize this properly in the handplates folder, how annoying
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Flowey, you butthooooole!

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MixItUpDoodlesNew Deviant
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"i make my own destiny, and yours, because you're so lazy" LOL

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citrusfriend25New Deviant
Honestly, I want to see Sans meet Flowey. I know you have one where Sans just messes with Flowey but I’m thinking this timeline, this area where Papyrus brings his brother to try and meet Flowey. Maybe he would play dumb or pretend to be a normal flower. Maybe he would give false information or try to attack the boys. I don’t know.

I was also wondering if Gaster came back like *POOF* here he is, would the boys be scared or would they remember?

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GoldeneyescatHobbyist Digital Artist

I didn't really want to add a comment because it's at 100 comments and I didn't want to mess it up, but my god is this comic good.

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Glad to know that eclipse is causing grief on the creator side as well as our side. If you ever find a better platform, do let us know. I'm sure most of us would emigrate with you.

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cloudjp1537New Deviant
I god damn love this diddly darn comic,
it's my favorite Undertale comic series.
I love everything about the art style, interactions, storyline and i jUST LOVE THIS SO MUCH
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elainexeHobbyist Photographer

I just came across this comic and read it all and. I had prepared myself for all the pain for Gaster hurting the brothers but. Them realizing all this timeline stuff and lack of control hurts my soul and I wasn't ready for iiiiiittttt ;_____;

Besides all this pain I'm feeling. You've done a great job and I'm glad I found this comic!

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BFFSlpsStudent Traditional Artist

Welp. this is certainly interesting. I'm glad that they have each other (it relfects how i feel with my bb sis) but damn does this tug my heartstrings to no end.

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OH my goodness WHY

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I'm a little lost. They are talking about resets and that they remember them?? And Flowey seems to remember as well (to them) but he's playing dirty with Paps??

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This new format is trash but at least the content is still good, when did Deviantart decide it wanted to be like Youtube?

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FranciscathedragonStudent Traditional Artist

And that's the end of Handplates! Go home everybody!

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Looks like Flowey's gaslighting was successful. Big jerk. :P

Zarla, Handplates is the only thing keeping me on DA now that Eclipse isn't optional so thank you for your wonderful comic <3

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That 26th panel...


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Me : you dont have muscle pap

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mintmoonstoneNew Deviant

COOLSKELETON95 posted a photo

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w00dfurStudent General Artist

Shut your mouth

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aquablazegirlStudent General Artist
Yay Undertale❤
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ZichqecHobbyist General Artist

I'm going to get some gas and light this flower up

Man I love Flowey, but man I hate Flowey

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"Man I love Flowey, but man I hate Flowey"
Lol, same
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ZichqecHobbyist General Artist

It's the same with Gaster tbh XD

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I love it undertale
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