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Highly absorpent two-ply

By zarla
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Inspired mostly by thoughts of that one hippie who put a flower in that guy's gun way back when.

I can't believe that the Pkunk absorption into the Yehat culture was bloodless. I'm willing to bet the majority of Pkunk died before the Yehat realized what they were doing and the two species reunited. THEN AGAIN I COULD JUST LOVE DRAWING BLOOD IT'S A CLOSE CALL

I pretty much made up what a Pkunk would look like from the head down. I tried to keep them fairly close to the Yehat, what with the whole off-shoot species thing. That's probably the most gun-looking gun I've ever done except the fact that it DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A RAYGUN AT ALL frick.

I found out my Starcon2 fonts work in Photoshop! Neat! Thus, you can see the Pkunk font. This is also a wallpaper, 800x600 baby. ENJOY.

Yehat - [link]
Pkunk - [link]

Under digital for...repainting? Was originally a pencil sketch.

The Yehat and the Pkunk are (c) Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters which you should download here WHY AREN'T YOU PLAYING IT YET [link]
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© 2006 - 2020 zarla
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LightsOfTheDeepSeaHobbyist Writer
Awww........luckily the Pkunk can reincarnate.
And then they can be one big happy family with the Shofixti.
Bloodly's avatar
10 seconds later it gets up again.  "Well, how crude!"
TheSkunkCat's avatar
I not only really like this picture because it's such such an evocative image (And perfectly fitting the Pkunk personality.)

But I also really like your Pkunk design! I like the idea that the Pkunk being a Yehat offshoot would look at least somewhat Yehat-oidish. Usually people just draw them like plucked turkeys without wings that look nothing at all like Yehat in the slightest. I mean the Pkunk ARE supposed to be a type of bizarro Yehat essentially... And here I can actually SEE that they are!

I also like the elbow wings for both the Yehat and the Pkunk, because it's more alien then the Yehat's alternative bat-like wings. (Which also notably are NOT like pterosaur wing sand I wonder if that was intentional or not... But I digress!)

Either way, I really like it!
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VibrationInfiniteHobbyist Writer
Why are you giving me so many feels?

MugoUrth's avatar
Ah, I remember the original Star Control game. I had it for the Genesis. Ever since I played Skylanders, I've had memories of Star Control in my head: Both games were worked on by the company Toys for Bob.

I wonder if I shouldn't try out the second Star Control, or even relive the first one. I remember a lot of the sound clips to be pretty scary.
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zarlaHobbyist General Artist
The second one is great! I highly recommend it, haha.
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This was the first piece I ever added to my DeviantArt Favorites Gallery. I just unfaved it and refaved it so I could have it at the top of the list again!
zarla's avatar
zarlaHobbyist General Artist
Awesome. :D
FeastAndTheFamine's avatar
Absolutely LOVE your Pkunk design.
And this broke me. I think I'm gonna go cry in the corner of my room for now and forever.
Lyrax-Dharnae's avatar
Touching. Thank you.
jahavad's avatar
so sad. <sniff>
literatehyaena's avatar
literatehyaenaStudent Writer
Way back when was during the KENT STATE INCIDENT yes it was.
DarthCloakedGuy's avatar
Poor little guy...

I don't like the Pkunk, but still...
gaeamil's avatar
gaeamil Photographer
Seriously though... Is there a way I can get my hands on those font files? I love collecting fonts (yeah, I'm a geek, shut up) and these would be just the crowning jewel of any font collection.
zarla's avatar
zarlaHobbyist General Artist
I picked them up at the Pages of Now and Forever myself. :O
gaeamil's avatar
gaeamil Photographer
I think I managed to find them a while ago. Thanks anyway.
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gaeamil Photographer
Wow that's a wonderful drawing. Time I watched you.

Wait a sec--SC2 fonts? as in the actual font files? Did you make them, or download them? What I'm basically asking is, can I get a copy of those?
Raakone's avatar
They are quite expressive, for being a species that doesn't have the "agile" mouth we do. The detail is cool. And the things they are carrying is very apt of their race.

matticusprime1's avatar
The ZEX pic was funny, but this is just plain touching... and sad. This is absolutely in character for both the Pkunk and the Yehat. You just know this exact scene was happening wherever the two encountered each other, at least at first. I wonder what event (if there was any one event) served as the tipping point, the thing that caused the Yehat to consider that maybe their sibling-race was not so bad after all.
NuVanDibe's avatar
NuVanDibeStudent Artist
not really sure what is going on
gaeamil's avatar
gaeamil Photographer
Have you played SC2? If not, then I'll explain: The Pkunk (bloody one on the ground) are offshoots of the Yehat (other one) race. The Yehat hate the Pkunk, they think that they're just silly. At one point in the game, the Pkunk go to give consolation to the Yehat, and basically get wiped out as they go to rejoin the Yehat race.

phew... it's better if you know the game. Play it.
dia-aren-marie's avatar
That's actually a rather plausible look for the rest of a Pkunk's body o_o

I love how the Yehat looks so shocked D: DROP THE GUN, MATE.

But seriously... this is really another beautiful piece from you ;_; The smiling even though he's in pain and the flower... *bursts into tears*
zarla's avatar
zarlaHobbyist General Artist
I tried to make it reasonable. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE THOUGH AAAGH

It was so hard to get the Yehat to look shocked but not totally expressionless. I'm glad that kinda came across though.
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