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A long time ago ~iubireaxnuxmoare asked me to make a shimeji of their deceased cat. Since my cat had just recently died, I could understand that sentiment, and so for a long time I chipped away at a cat shimeji when I had the time. This shimeji's coloring is based on my dead cat, Dieter, but if you have your own cat you want to watch run around your desktop, here's a blank version you can color in as you see fit (give me credit for the base if you do). Please don't take this as an invitation to ask me for free shimejis, this was a special case.

Anyway this kitty doesn't have a lot of special animations or anything. They do have a hanging frame, a tail waving idle while sitting and standing, an extra falling frame, and a lengthened tailchasing sequence, but that's pretty much it. But maybe you'll get a kick out of him anyway. The conf files have been edited a bit but it's not too major really.

Shimeji is a little program that makes a mascot run around your desktop and cause mischief. You can find the original here, and by replacing the image files with your own images, you can make your own.


Shimeji can only run on Windows (I've heard there are some methods to maybe get it sort of working on a Mac, but I haven't heard if they really work or not) and you'll need the latest version of Java (which you can update here I think).


1. Click the download link on the right next to the image and download the rar.
2. Double click the downloaded .rar file and a new window should pop up with a 'Shimeji_Dieter1.0' folder. If that doesn't happen, you need an extractor like winrar or 7zip. Download and install those, then try again.
3. There should be a button saying something like 'extract to'. Click it, and specify an easy to remember location. This should extract the whole folder to this location (MAKE SURE YOU EXTRACT THE WHOLE FOLDER, NOT JUST THE EXE FILE)
3. Go to the folder and doubleclick shimeji.exe (or shimeji.jar, i heard that works too). They should should fall on your desktop after a few seconds.
4. To remove the program, delete the folder.

This might also be helpful.

If you rightclick the little catface icon in your taskbar, it'll bring up a menu in Japanese. The options go

1. Spawn a cat
2. Come here!
3. Remove all of them but one
4. Bring back IE screens (They'll sometimes throw your browser windows around if they aren't fullscreen, and also MSN messenger I think)
5. Exit

You can also right-click an individual kitty and click baibai to get rid of them.
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I have a idea to make this cat into a dog, ill make a Odie, because i done a Garfield one