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Depends on how you look at it

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Hang onto whatever you've got, things are going to get worse before they get better...


Sans, Papyrus (c) Undertale: something about this feels familiar...
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kidme999999999Student General Artist

God I want to hug them.

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RYN3NITYStudent Digital Artist

Yeah I was right... Poor Sans... Life is not fair, and if you keep thinking and overthinking things, you're gonna end fuckedup. Like... If you believe in God it's terrible cuz "god forgot me" and "why are you doing this to me, God?! I don't deserve this! " but if God doesn't exist for you, "what's the point of living another day in an empty meaningless world?"

It's fuckedup either way... We need to find our own meaning, create our own story and live trying to reach our goals, be happy in our little world, in the meanings and experiences we share with others... And just be strong...

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BlyxartNew Deviant

ikr. The worst part about this is in the canon game Papyrus isn't this aware. It may seem like this could happen but i feel like playing the game and actually talking to Papyrus makes you feel like he's much more innocent and unaware of stuff like his friends dying. So basically Sans has to suffer without anyone knowing.

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FoxesbeyondStudent Traditional Artist

“I hope so”

”god I hope so”

I’m feeling some of that Deja Vu from season Two

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you know....I'd been expecting this. I mean, I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but who am I kidding, right? I actually thought that perhaps that scene and dialogue would repeat itself when Frisk fell. But this scene reminded me of how there needed to be an explanation of how Sans was already depressed, apathetic and nihilistic BEFORE the human fell.

So I see this like an explanation of sorts for why sans is the way he is. Although, I respect the elaborate manner in which you show how differently the handplates au brothers handle the weird stuff about themselves and how they genuinely want to trust each other, instead of keeping secrets that will kill one of them gradually and painfully (cough canon sans cough).

Also, that "god I hope so" K I L L E D me ;-; thankyouverymuch

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DeadMemez0ofNew Deviant

super cute!!!

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kgtyfytrfgNew Deviant


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dabestofallHobbyist Digital Artist
At least they don't know about the fandom behind their universe. Especially the sans part.
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Papyrus found the light side to the situation. ^-^ But poor Sans. He has such trouble seeing it. :(

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KaitDrawzStudent Artist

God, when sans cries, I think I have an allergy to emotion of his :<

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SongCoyoteHobbyist Writer
It's not like I should be surprised by existential angst given the subject matter and the artist but damn that was a heavy hit.

What does it mean?

Let's assume for a moment that the idea of deity is entirely invention (not debating this, just positing it for a point). That means that we are just... life forms. When we die, we're dead. In centuries, it's almost certain nothing we consider important will be. In millenia - a very short time in geologic terms - it is 99.(9-bar) percent likely nothing we consider important will be.

So why do anything?

My answer has always been this: because you can make a difference now, to those who are alive now, and leave the world a little better place. Maybe it's silly, but it helps me go on.

I hope you have a wonderful day and more.

Light and laughter,
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RobinTheBardHobbyist Traditional Artist


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theolivethief14Student General Artist

oh. OH. this absolutely KILLED me. this hurts so much. in such a good way,,

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LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist
awww... bonding... :heart:
Please be alright...

This whole comic series is a really good render of different people's personalities and perspectives to very thought provoking processes in life. I really appreciate this. :aww: Thank you, zarla. :heart:
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Nice throwback to season two

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ShadyGamer213Hobbyist Writer

*insert the human*

Also, I just thought of this...

If the computer is true, (which it is, sorry sans) then I'm willing to bet that the very first run they encounter is a Genocide run. Yeah, in the beginning, we saw Frisk, but that could be a couple runs later. Just a hunch, though.

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its a beautiful day outside

birds are blooming

flowers are singing (insert Flowey)

on days like these

kids like you

should stop playing this pointless game

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LizardWasHereStudent Digital Artist

That description worries me. (Unless it was talking about what just happened. then yay!)Sans Shrug

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God that last panel hurts me, I love it 💜
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Damn, Papy is so so smart and insightful here!

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LittleKitty8204Hobbyist Writer
"Do you know what this means?"

"Brother, we're not HERE. Someday we're going to get OUT of here!"

"...i hope so."

"god, i hope so."
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ShadyGamer213Hobbyist Writer


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Oh my...!
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