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Come home

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An Animal Crossing story.

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charathesparerHobbyist General Artist

no espresso can cure this depresso

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PrnceAsriel-DreemurrHobbyist Artist

that was the sound of my heart breaking in two and being mercilessly stomped on by my emotions

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you have NO RIGHT to bring me to tears like that!

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you know she'll keep doing it

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TheNorHobbyist General Artist





(ah gee i drew fanart at the time of my character sobbing for Bob to come back and I can't believe I'm not the only one who makes deep connections liek this ^^;)

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I would probably feel the same if Taishi ever left my island. He is my favorite.

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BreathingSeasonsHobbyist General Artist

I wasn't crying! I was dicing onions! Honest!

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I'm sorry you've had to be through so much... I really can't blame you.

Pokemon is much the same way for me. Part of the reason I skipped Gen 4 is because of the Gen 2/Gen 3 split (at the time, with no hint of virtual console ports that would be released 15 plus years in the future), and I didn't want that to happen to my babies I connected with. A blessed soul who went by the nickname "Kagome" eventually convinced me to move to Gen 5, and loaned me her copy of Platinum for a couple weeks so I could move up all my special companions I didn't want to leave behind (dear Arceus, transferring up Pokemon was such a pain in those days... maximum of 6 per 24 hours. Not per day, per FULL 24 hours. It was trash....). And it was hard finding out some had been axed in Sword and Shield, though Pokemon Home helps mitigate that and lets me see them anyway.

But one day I will never forget, is the day someone ran off with my Manaphy, specially hatched and given to me by Kagome. I had been doing a lot of Pokedex trading with them (giving them a Pokemon to register it to their game, then swapping it back). They had been perfectly kind and polite, and proved themselves trustworthy... or so I thought. Manaphy was the last one to be traded for their Pokedex, and then.... they disconnected. They also went offline on the messenger we were using. Thinking their internet had cut out, I left them a message to contact me when they were back. A day turned into two, then three.... and after a week, when I had gotten to the point of begging them to message me, SOMETHING, they finally replied.... "Lol, nope. You think I'd be that dumb to return something so valuable? XD"

Other kind souls helped me source another Manaphy, but I'll never get Kagome's Manaphy back. It may sound dumb, to be so attached to some pixels, ones, and zeros, but sometimes, it's all you have. And I guess the point of this long ramble is, there's nothing wrong with wanting to take something back, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem. What matters is it's important to you, and to heck with everyone else; they're lucky to never have been broken that way.

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That's horrible, I'm sorry someone scammed you out of your Manaphy like that.

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It wasn't fun, but it was a good lesson on being careful with trust, especially with strangers you don't know that well.

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4sparklesHobbyist Digital Artist

i legit cried

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Excuse me

Walking Frisk Chat Icon - Frisk Walking alone

*very audible sobbing*

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I didn't expect something like this to make me cry

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Xena-moon26Hobbyist Digital Artist

I've never played Animal Crossing. I don't even own any nintendo thing. But I can tell this must have been very upsetting.

I see you still haven't found your hat.

I hope you're doing okay, Zarla. Don't forget the many of us are here when you need us, and so is your family.

I wish I could just come and give you a huge hug.

I hope you can someday find that hat again.

I know how it feels to lose something you held dear to your heart.

I've never lost SOMEONE, but I lost my dearest plushy for about two years before finding her again, and my goodness, I was devastated.

I haven't lost something forever that I can think of, but I know how horrible it feels.

I hope things get better for you soon.

You deserve so much. You deserve lots of love and care.

You deserve everything good there is.

You deserve to be happy.

I wish the best for you, Zarla.

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It is a lovely comic. Thank you for sharing it.

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Oh my god, this was me with Chief. He was the first cranky character I had ever had in my town, and there was something about his gruff sarcasm that...understood me. I know he was just a programmed character, but as a lonely, sarcastic kid, it felt like there was somebody on my level. But he made me feel happier. I was impressed by him, that he could be a grouch but comfortable with himself and still care about others. (Yes, there's Oscar the Grouch, and he was always my favorite on Sesame Street, but this was like being able to talk with Oscar whenever I wanted.)

I was heartbroken when he left. I didn't get a chance to talk him out of it either. RNG-Jesus took pity on me and Roscoe moved in right after that. I got super into amiibo collecting and got both of their cards. I scanned them both in as soon as I could after I got New Horizons, Chief, then Roscoe.

Just today, the pair got into a "fight," calling each other names and stuff. They turned to me to ask who was the better, and when I said "I like you both," they both seemed super touched, admitted they were bestie and this was how they showed their affection and were worried they had hurt my feelings by "yelling" at each other. I wished they could hear me for real, because I actually talked out loud to the game. I told them that's exactly how I am with my real friends. All those feelings I had when I was a kid came rushing back, that these video game characters actually understood who I was and how I still am.

Weird the stuff that sticks with you...

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CornaRosaNew Deviant

Its so strange how we can grow so attached to things to things that can't hear or see us, or know or understand that we exist. Yet we do it anyway, with characters, stories, objects, etc. And they have an effect on us. They have such a prominent effect on us, that they can affect our mood, our outlook on the world, and we miss them dearly when they're gone.

It seems to me that you've been thinking a lot lately. You've lost a lot of things that were important to you: Hazel, your hat, and whomever you lost those years ago.

I dearly and sincerely hope with all that I have, that you can find some of those things that you lost Zarla, and wish you well in all that you do.

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I relate to this, since I went through this with Pierce, the guy was my bro during tough times, but one day when I came back after midterms..... His house was gone...and I never saw him again despite resetting my town multiple times... The dude was a womanizer and a bit of a bragger at times, but he always seemed to know what to say whenever I was feeling down

I'm sad that you went through that loss, and I genuinely hope that things are better now.

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Well, I feel the same about Fatima. She was in my very first AC Town ever, yet shortly after I had to reinstall (I don´t remember why I did that) and she was gone, new Town, new Neighbours....

I still miss her, she´s cool. Eventough I just met her a for a few Days.

(seems she´s only called Fatima in the german Version. Her english Name is Fauna, and i just saw she has a Card to invite her with! I´m super happy now, thank you!)

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BouncySisterHobbyist Digital Artist

She was my favorite too

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It’s so interesting how alone we can feel in this world of 7 billion people that we latch onto physical objects and bits of code, characters we love, though they are incapable of feeling the same way about us. This story was touching and it connects with me on a personal level. Love you Zarla.

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That's me with Curlos and Gayle. Gayle was the first one I talked to and Curlos... well... let's just say I am really attached to him.

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This is how I feel about a female Luxray that was part of my original team when I played Diamond, my first Pokemon game. I don't have her anymore, but the Sword/Shield update has included the Shinx family line so I can have another. I don't have the original Luxray anymore which makes me really sad, but at least I can have another

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NocturielHobbyist Traditional Artist

...I'm so sorry...

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