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Best not to look into it

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I saw a few things where the skelebros were experiments of Gaster's, and of course there was no way I could ever let that idea alone since immoral genetic experiments are kind of my jam SO HERE WE ARE. I originally didn't intend to do more with this awful idea but nope, there's going to be more because UGH WHO WAS I KIDDING
people keep encouraging me, you're all enablers, you bring these horrors on yourselves

I'm not sure if this counts as spoilers since Gaster is a huge question mark and none of this happened as far as we know. Eh. OH RIGHT, Gaster has a Lost Soul head since they can't actually remember him at all after he got erased from reality. Also because I can't decide on a design for him but shhh.


Edit - Check out this vid for this comic!
And these dubs!
Christy the Puppet
Adrixx Ontis (Spanish)
Sombra Oscura (Spanish)
Darkmedolie (French)
Starbot Dubs
Wosh ur Bones
Fiore!Sans (Spanish)
Jamadub (Spanish)
Bettina Levy
Luna y Nano (Spanish)
Phoenix Prime
Frank Hyuga (Spanish)
Puzzle Channel (Russian)
Solros (French)

Magyar - One / Two
Flag of South Korea by EmilyStor3 한국어 - One / Two
中文 - One / Two
Español - One / Two / Three / Four / Five
русский язык - One / Two / Three / Four
Flag of Brazil by EmilyStor3 Português do Brasile - One / Two
Flag of France by EmilyStor3 Français - One / Two / Three
Flag of Poland by EmilyStor3 Polski - One / Two / Three
Flag of Finland by EmilyStor3 Suomen Kieli - One / Two
Flag of Germany by EmilyStor3 Deutsch
:thumb312745621: tiếng Việt
:thumb312743560: Czech
:thumb312744189: Italiano
:thumb312745127: Svenska

Done entirely digitally and it turned into a fiasco near the end bleh.

Sans, Papyrus, kid, Gaster (c) Undertale: the same game with the tsunderplanes
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Hello everyone, I am once again back here. See ya in a couple of days on the last page