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Consider this: Sans and Papyrus actually have the same Bronx accent but Papyrus always puts on a big theatrical voice to hide his… until you push him far enough, anyway.

Stupid clothes for everyone! Papyrus has Sapphire's hat for no real reason. Sans is wearing his papyrus watch again! Also Papyrus made that shirt for Sans when he asked for one, that was all he could come up with. Papyrus's shirt originally said where's the beef before he went at it with some scissors. IMPORTANT DETAILS

Edit - Check out Twinklephoenix's dub!
And Caitielou's!
And Deathstar813's!
And Greater Kat's!
And EveryDayProductions!
And Rythmear's!
And Hub Cinemas'!

Sans, Papyrus (c) Undertale: I wonder how well this works without sound
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SunshibeDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist

this is the best headcanon to anything ever

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Don't understand...
Someone can explain me pls??...
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MyNameTariHobbyist Digital Artist

Read the description pls

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TheAnnoyingDAHGHobbyist Traditional Artist
"Where's the" resta yo shirt
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RandomStuff7739Hobbyist Artist
Would Gaster have one too, then?
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AscoutnoonelikesHobbyist General Artist
[EYEBROWS] have left the chat
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oh my god yes
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r dey on da surface cuz dere's no cars in the underground
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Papyrus' shirt was definitely made by sans lmao
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kibblebitzHobbyist Traditional Artist
It doesn't work unless you know what a Bronx accent sounds like. Still funny tho 
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PinkNinjaJediIzzy05Student General Artist
Somebody reply to this cuz this is were I left off. I don't want to search the entire gallery...
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Gotta reply then
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PinkNinjaJediIzzy05Student General Artist
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Septiceye508Hobbyist General Artist
I love this!!! I can absolutely see Papyrus with a Bronx accent when he gets pushed hard enough. And San's reaction is the best! He looks so proud!
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freakymountainHobbyist General Artist
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kibblebitzHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol XD
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adoptionsnowconeHobbyist Digital Artist
Gleeful face again!
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Wcat03bluHobbyist Traditional Artist
omg this killed merofl if this actually happened in the gameSans laughing [icon/emoji] 
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atsirkaHobbyist General Artist
Oh my word - I love that headcanon OwO
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shrivelingfateHobbyist Digital Artist
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AnUncreativePersonHobbyist Digital Artist
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*falls over laughing* I can''s too good.....breathing....not happening.....Papyrus and Sans icon 
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imagine how the others would react it they were there
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