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Bad reception


Eh, probably nothing to worry about.

This isn't the first time multiple sixes have appeared. Feel free to also check Gaster's datamined stats (spoilers) if you still don't know why.


Edit - Check out Phoenix Prime's dub!
And Jamadub's! (Spanish)
And Solros's! (French)
And Puzzle Channel's! (Russian)
And Vade's!

Português do Brasil

Alphys, Asgore, Mettaton, Sans, Papyrus (c) Undertale: always drink plenty of malk
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...that glitch...that glitched out word...that belongs to 'him' huh?

You mean Gaster or the Amalgamates? (I probably wrote Amalgamates wrong)

At first I thought it was Gaster's phone number but after I seen 'task manager'. I think it's the Amalgamates because I don't know the hell how undertale logic works.

Its probaby the app that allowed gaster to call others.

Get a new phone

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I love Alphys wrapping her tail around herself when she gets scared. Too cute.

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Anyone else notice the slight expression change when Asgore picks them up?

Yeah, I did. It's sad but not all that suprising.

I see those .exe files and the dimonsionbox files alphys i see someone likes horrrer stuff

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OOOOOOOOOOOH. This LITERALLY JUST HIT ME IN THE FACE. Ok, I know I might sound stupid for just now catching onto this, but bare with me. Ok, so I think anytime someone falls into the core, they’re forgotten about, which is why no one could report a missing person; their buddy wouldve immediately forgotten about them, as would have anyone else who knew them. They wouldve just ceased to exist, almost like they were never there. So I think that when Gaster got erased, Sans and Papyrus forgot all their memories because Gaster was the only thing they ever knew, the only person they ever knew. He practically gave them all the things they ever had in their minds. So... yeah. Sorry again for all that everyone, just had to type it out. 😅

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hey better now then never, like this comment

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Random kid: do we have malk?

Asgore: we do, would you like some?

Random kid: *intense sweating

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asgore puts malk in the meme

Thank you.

I laughed so much because of this comment XD.

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Now he’s gotta call Kris
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Way to be ghosty, gasty~
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I have a feeling that's Gaster calling for help when Alphy's phone stared glitching.
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I see hunter and smoker have quite a reputation in this universe for them to have their own tv show/ Movie (panel 4)
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