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Anesthetic's for babies





Gaster, being a skeleton, can glow his eyes like the brothers can but, being an adult (and emotionally deaddying), he's never glowed around them before. So someone asked if there was anything that would make Gaster glow for whatever reason, and after some thought, I eventually came up with two scenarios. This is the first one (and this the second).

Purple would be fear and I'm trying out Red for pain, and I'm leaning towards Yellow for his "default" color, although Yellow is also for stress and he IS pretty stressed out. He tries to talk himself out of emotions much like he tries to talk the brothers out of them later. Incidentally, you've seen those red dash guidelines before.
Puts how often he stares at his hands in a different light, doesn't it? He's biting down on a leather wallet during. He also taped down the stop button to make sure he didn't quit halfway through.

This would be before the brothers were made, obviously, so it'd fall before they woke up, but it feels kind of weird to slot it into the main timeline exactly since he has a normal head here and it'd probably be strange to go from a normal head to a Lost Soul head without explanation. But if he had his Lost Soul head, you wouldn't see him glowing which is the whole point! These are the tough dilemmas. At any rate, this is "canon" to handplates so to speak, although it's in a weird half-place so that's why it's only sort of half done.

One may wonder why he's not using anesthetic but let's be real here, there's a bunch of you who've wanted to see him suffer for a long time for all the awful things he's done and this was the perfect opportunity for it, so how could I deprive anyone of that? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED
insert technobabble (magibabble?) explanation for why he couldn't use anesthetic here

Amusingly enough, this may be the most graphically violent thing to happen on-screen so far, and Gaster does it to himself, haha.

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