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Someone asked about how Sans picked up all his slangy speech like ain't and such. You have only yourself to blame for this, Gaster. I had a reason for giving him his normal head at the time but I can't remember it now.

This may be the most untranslatable comic I've ever done, haha. If you can do it I'm very interested! I love learning slangy stuff in other languages.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I'm going to take a break for about a week to try and relax, I'll see you guys on the other side.


Edit - Check out EnderKing's dub!
And Audiospawn's!
And Frank Hyuga's! (Spanish)

Suomen Kieli

Sans, Gaster (c) Undertale: about as happy as Sans ever gets in this
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What would happen if either sans or papyrus got a hold of gaster's phone while alphys calls him?
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FromTheCosmos|Student General Artist
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it's my fav till now xD
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TheNor|Hobbyist General Artist
*hi fives you*
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smeusel|Student Digital Artist
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IndianGirl2016|Student General Artist
The last panel it makes me so happy!
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CancerIsAStarSign|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This took way too long for me to get it. I'm so dense.
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Never062|Hobbyist General Artist

(damnit Sans you tricky kiddo...)
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I tried translating for once.
Here's a Danish translation!
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vividsk|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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CyberFell|Hobbyist Digital Artist
What’chu talkin’ ‘bout, Gaster? I dunno why you have a problem with it. ‘Sides it ain’t hurtin’ anyone.
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SparklingButterfly9|Hobbyist Digital Artist
actually, i use slang like that too...

Sans Shrug 
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Marshy-Cat|Hobbyist Digital Artist
His face! This is so cute! This represents me honestly, I remember I used cause for years and I still do, people literally just stopped trying to make me speak properly!
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OneInAFandom|Hobbyist General Artist
Family member: *ACT ---> *Insult

*I swear when I get my hands on ya, I'm gonna- oh I'm seein it now...
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SparklingButterfly9|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bonnie Facepalm Chat Icon 
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Oh, Gaster's expression in the last panel is just PRICELESS... 😂
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"For God's sake, how could I fall for something like that...?"
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Naomiart333|Hobbyist Artist
Could someone help me understand what Sans was trying to do?

I'm confused. I mean I know he did something, but can't found out what..
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MettatonIsFab|Hobbyist General Artist
Told him every little slang he now knows.
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PheonixInside|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I snorted at this one! XD
Gaster you walked into that one.
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Holmesit|Hobbyist General Artist
his face XD
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jjars|Hobbyist Writer
Sans is a fast learner indeed! He already figured out how to omit the apostrophes from his contractions and make an even WORSE impression than what Gaster just taught him!
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Tdog962|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's why Sans is my favorite character... plus I have somethings in common with him.
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