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An empty mirror only shows what's left inside

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No longer I pretend
The staircase I descend
Will lead me anywhere but my unscripted end


No longer I defend
The choices I pretend
Could make amends that heal the loss of precious time
My conscience paralyzed
Against the rising tide
Of haunting memories that drown a wasted life

I was listening to Magnum Bullets and this mental image wouldn't leave me alone...

Gaster (c) Undertale: watch that last step, it's a doozy
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Greenfeather16New Deviant

This is so sad to me... it really shows the development of Gaster's character and his slow descent (pun intended) into the seemingly cold, heartless, and overwhelmed skeleton we all know from hp. I really feel bad for him tbh, and I just want to hug him. His past really messed with him :(

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RYN3NITYStudent Digital Artist

Ooohh there is no more steps in the bottom! (I just think it's really cool and clever, sorry it's obvious! >^<

glitchydemonfairy's avatar

Gaster: ...this was mean to happen...

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Bastet4844Student General Artist

Ahhh help this dude please I'm waaaay to empathetic for my own good

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Damn. That's deep.
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Dat-ChococatHobbyist General Artist
descent into... many things, madness probably being one of them
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its a very sad life he leads :-( like yes hes an irredimable abusive piece o shit but,,,, he didnt deserve his backstory 
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I love it so much. I miss Gaster!

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kidme999999999Student General Artist
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOCOOL
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A literal downward spiral... nice.
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SunjinjoHobbyist General Artist
It's interesting how the pillar looks kind of like a spinal collumn.
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theolivethief14Student General Artist

This is such a neat concept!! And I really love how the stairs look, you did a great job coloring them and making them look (almost) transparent!

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AriestaChong9Hobbyist General Artist
I really like the concept of the piece as well as the piece itself. Simple but amazing  <3
Angeloflifelight's avatar
Man that is deep
KatOnlyWatching's avatar
Can't find any words for this amazing piece.
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13-Lenne-13Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this is such a clever image! Good job!
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First thought: "what a good illustration of depression"
Second thought: "I feel so sorry for that foolish fictional skeleton"
Third thought: "this is really well made"
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ArkiRaptorHobbyist Traditional Artist
“And thus the void claimed him.”
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and after a while, he claimed the void.
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ArkiRaptorHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's a twist.
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LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist
NO!!! :noes: GASTER, NOOOO!!!! :nuu:
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Love that song too

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HanakoFairhallHobbyist Digital Artist
Anyone feeling like they wanna jump across the chasm and catch him before he falls into the inky dark? ;_;
LeviaStar237's avatar
LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist
Yus. :tears:
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