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I mentioned in the holepunching comic that there were two scenarios where I could see Gaster glowing for one reason or another. This would be the second one. For a brief moment, he felt a rush of love and pride for these tiny little fragile beings. Later on, he told himself it was only because he'd made such a massive scientific breakthrough. Why would he feel paternal over things after all? Such thoughts are dangerous.

Green means happy, as has shown up elsewhere. Like with the holepunching comic, this is in a rough halfway place because he SHOULD have his Lost Soul head, but if he had it you wouldn't be able to see him glowing, which is the entire point of the exercise. So this is the compromise, what can you do.

Those tubes aren't the same ones they're in later, he moved them to the bigger tubes as they got bigger. My general thought now is that Gaster doesn't have to open his mouth to talk and generally doesn't, but he CAN open it if he really wants to. I'm still torn on it though.


Edit - Check out Adrixx Ontis's dub! (Spanish)
And Fiore!Sans's! (Spanish)
And Jamadub's! (Spanish)
And DatKooby's!
And Mae&Michael's!

Español - One / two / three
Português do Brasil
Polski - One / Two
русский - one two
Suomen Kieli
한국어 - One / Two

Gaster, Sans, Papyrus (c) Undertale: and now I have "fetal skeletons" in my google history, welp
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can someone explain to me why gaster face dissapear and reapears? im new