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Lady zombies everywhere, my god.
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Once Upon A Handplate - arc 3, chapter 10
The day after the Legendary Artefact had been saved in extremis, Noelle was getting ready to go outside. In a few minutes, Undyne would come for her, as she would take her for a fencing training. Undyne was the best person to teach Noelle how to handle a sword, because she's been the captain of the Royal Guard for many years, and thus she knew everything about using weapons. As she waited for he fishlady to arrive, Noelle looked at the kids, who were sitting on the couch. The two had very concerned faces and Noelle quickly guessed that something was bothering them.
"Kids... Is everything alright..?" 
"You'll have to face Chara very soon, right?" - Sam asked back with a serious tone.
"Y-yeah, sooner is more likely than later." - Noelle replied, looking down.
"But are you ready to face her, Noelle?" - the boy asked again - "If she showed up now, would you be able to win?"
"Sam, if by 'win', you mean kill her, then you know I can't do that." - Noelle answered seriously - "But
:iconmissjulyfarraday:MissJulyFarraday 6 0
Mercytale: Ch.7 (Post-RDP)
"WHAT?! She's been in the Ruins this whole time?!"
"I'm telling you, dear: Toriel is alive and well. I walked all the way to the Ruins today, and... well, there she was. Just the way we remember her."
That night, during dinner, Gaster told everyone of who he had met in the Ruins today. Frisk instantly knew who he was talking about, as she had been staying with Toriel during her first few days in the Underground. Sans and Papyrus were equally surprised, as they had never met the Queen before. And Robyn... well, her reaction was exactly what Gaster suspected it would be: She nearly choked on her own drink and gaped at him with dilated eyes. 
"i actually met the queen?" Sans wondered aloud, his fork prodding at his chicken. "whoa...."
"When I found her in the Ruins, she only introduced herself to me as the 'Caretaker of the Ruins,'" said Frisk. "Gos
:iconphoenix-prime-3000:Phoenix-Prime-3000 7 2
Sans glared at the huge building from the window of the bus as the loud chattering got louder, and kids began to stand up and load off. Sketch nudged Sans' shoulder gently, signaling him that it was time to leave. After cautiously standing and, careful not to get pushed over or accidentally hurt by other kids, scrambling to get out of the bus in one piece, and immediately felt tight arms wrap around him.
"papyrus, you're embarrassing us." Sans snarled, trying to wrestle himself out of his brother's arms. This was in no way how he wanted their first day of school to start off. After Papyrus finally let him go, and, trying to ignore the curious stares from the other students, Sans trudged onwards into the school. Despite how beautiful and huge the inside was, Sans ignored it. He had to get to his locker. act normal. don't let them suspect you. He t
:iconqueenwoomyrose48688:QueenWoomyRose48688 3 0
today is finally the day.
Sans popped his eye sockets wide open, his permanent smile widening in excitement. we're starting school today! He thought joyfully, kicking off his blankets as he practically threw himself off his bed, sliding on the carpet floor and shoving himself to his and Papyrus' dresser, grabbing the most decent pair of clothes he could find and threw them on - a light blue tank top that read, "sun's out, pun's out.", as well as dark blue shorts with some lighter shades of blue scattered around the bottom of it like bubbles. Sans grinned widely. He loved this shirt. The small skeleton grabbed his backpack that Fellgaster had bought him (dark blue with slightly darker swirls on it) and bolted down the stairs, almost tipping down them several times, finally reaching the bottom.
"Sans, be careful." Fellgaster commanded, his arms folded as he stared at the staircase from the couch. "Did you brush your teeth?"
"nope." Sans responded simpl
:iconqueenwoomyrose48688:QueenWoomyRose48688 2 0
Puedes traer algo de Omelas en el camino - byZarla by AlexsDragon Puedes traer algo de Omelas en el camino - byZarla :iconalexsdragon:AlexsDragon 27 6 Que desperdicio - by Zarla by AlexsDragon Que desperdicio - by Zarla :iconalexsdragon:AlexsDragon 27 4 Un pequeno contratiempo - by Zarla by AlexsDragon Un pequeno contratiempo - by Zarla :iconalexsdragon:AlexsDragon 35 21


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Currently stuck in font skeleton hell.
Okay, everything seems to have calmed down, so it's back to business as usual! First, some frequently asked questions:

Can I dub one of your comics?

Yes, but please let me know where I can listen to it! I'm always curious to hear how people interpret lines I write! And I'd appreciate a link back to the comic in question of course.

Can I translate one of your comics?

Yes, but please link me to your translation once it's done! I'm really fascinated by this kind of thing and think it's super cool, so I'd love to see it! And again, I'd appreciate a link back to the original comic somewhere too.
If someone else has already translated the comic into your language, you can still translate it yourself! I know every translation is unique, haha.

If you've done a dub or translation you'd like me to see, you can drop me a link in the comments here, or send me a note or somesuch.

Can I repost one of your comics to Tumblr?

Odds are good that I've already posted the comic to my own tumblr! So I'd really prefer it if you just reblogged it from me if at all possible.


In new news, I have also set up a Patreon, finally! So if you like what I do and have a few bucks to spare, you can toss em my way if you like. I'll keep on truckin regardless.

You can also find me at...

  • Listening to: 37344. SSB4 - Title (Metroid)
  • Reading: The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Playing: Night in the Woods


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I made a server for critique and nothing else. I'm going through and sending invites to like every artist I know.
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holy shit it's you! YOU! I loved this thing SOOOOOO MANY years ago!
goddamn still do. Wow.
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i saw your old otasune art
think youll ever make more?
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Hello! Was just wandering...
If there is an admirer of your art (for example, me) and that admirer made some art based on one one of your stories (for example, a song about Handplates Gaster)... Is there a place that admirer could send their fan-art to?
I'm just asking, you know... For a friend... (*alphys-shy-face*)
zarla Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
:0 You can send me a note about it if you want, or you can submit it to the Handplates devgroup and I'll see it that way, haha.
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