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Lady zombies everywhere, my god.
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To The Marrow 2.8: Shades of Blue

Papyrus dreamed.
    He stood on the steps of New Home. Monsters gathered below. The king put his paws on Papyrus’ shoulders. “Everyone admire and adore Papyrus, the greatest of the royal guards!”
    And the monsters cheered.
    And Undyne gave him her captain’s badge and said he was worthier to lead than she.
    And he posed in the garden while Asgore trimmed a hedge to look exactly like his face.
    And Gaster said how proud he was of his son.
    And Sans… was there.
    And he was walking in snow, looking for good deeds to perform. The trees were thick. He wriggled and shoved. But now it was water. He struggled against the current. No, he was not in the water. The water was beneath him. Bubbling up, up, up. Closer to t
:icondacelin:dacelin 6 8
To The Marrow 2.7: Shades of Grey

Gaster dreamed.
    He stood between the human and those he had to protect. He couldn’t fail. No matter how they hurt him…
    The fists came relentlessly. He stumbled and the human threw him aside. He tried to cry a warning...

    A flash of fire…
    “Gorey, no!”
    …He was on a battlefield swathed in dust and darkness. A roar split the air and Asgore – fifty feet high, eyes glowing red – charged into the fray. He mowed through the ranks of humans with mindless abandon, a ring of seven souls encircling his brow.
    “You've lost him. You failed.”
    …The god-king lay in a sea of golden flowers. The king and queen cradled the fallen.
    “There is
:icondacelin:dacelin 7 6
To The Marrow 2.6: Welcome Home

The shouting-matched ended with the slamming of the front door, then silence descended on the house. There was a pause, then Gaster wrenched open the bedroom door and tossed two backpacks at the boys. “Pack your things. We’re leaving.”
His expression permitted no debate, and the pair hastily cast about for their most valuable possessions. Papyrus tried to utter an apology, to take the blame on himself, but Gaster rumbled a wordless warning as he herded them from the house. The brothers gripped hands and followed in a state of silent anxiety.
Where was he taking them? The lab? It seemed so at first, but then Gaster turned aside from the usual path and headed for the river.
Docking in Snowdin only compounded the mystery. They hadn't known Gaster had any familiarity with the town. Yet he strode down the street without hesitation.
Papyrus gave a gasp as Gaster turned toward a familiar house and fished a key out of his pocke
:icondacelin:dacelin 5 6
To The Marrow 2.5: Fathers' Day

“Boys! Time to go!” Gaster called as he entered the living room, rummaging through his bag in search of toxicology reports. He hadn’t had his morning coffee yet, and his mind was sluggish.
At the table, Asgore was packing a massive basket of food with the brothers’ assistance. The king turned at Gaster’s arrival. “Actually, I hoped they’d come with me today.”
Sans rested his chin on the table and looked exhausted just at the prospect.
“Oh.” Gaster found himself dazed at the sudden change in plans.
“I talked to you about it last night,” Asgore said apologetically, and Gaster dimly recalled Asgore talking at him while he’d been writing, even if he couldn’t remember a word of it.
“I’m making
:icondacelin:dacelin 6 6
To The Marrow 2.4: Dreams and Hopes

“I understand the power output isn’t enough for your targeted design, but you could cut down the energy needs if you removed some of these features. What would a robot need with a self-generating disco ball?” Gaster bent over the blueprints with a frown.
Alphys looked redder than normal. “I… I t-though it m-m-might be… um… for entertainment purposes.”
“The robot?” Gaster eyed the design and shrugged. “It’s your project. But if you really think you have AI mastered, I would think a better use would be replacing some of the workers in those sections of the core the foreman won’t stop whining about.”
“…um… I thought this would be a good… first step.” Alphys looked uneasily away from the scientist. “You know… make sure it works right.”
“Well, the design is absolutely brilliant whatever use you intend it to
:icondacelin:dacelin 6 5
Handplates - Papyrus Battle Sprite by User672 Handplates - Papyrus Battle Sprite :iconuser672:User672 12 0 Heads up by Skellyd00d Heads up :iconskellyd00d:Skellyd00d 148 9


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Currently stuck in font skeleton hell.
Just thought I'd take a brief moment to answer a few questions that have come up here and there!

Can I dub one of your comics?

Yes, but please let me know where I can listen to it! I'm always curious to hear how people interpret lines I write! And I'd appreciate a link back to the comic in question of course.

Can I translate one of your comics?

Yes, but please link me to your translation once it's done! I'm really fascinated by this kind of thing and think it's super cool, so I'd love to see it! And again, I'd appreciate a link back to the original comic somewhere too.

Can I repost one of your comics to Tumblr?

Odds are good that I've already posted the comic to my own tumblr! So I'd really prefer it if you just reblogged it from me if at all possible.

If you've done a dub or translation you'd like me to see, you can drop me a link in the comments here, or send me a note or somesuch. :B
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DReaMTalEAppLE Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant
Quick suggestion
Separate category for mercyplates? It is technically different than handplates, and I love how you draw Gaster in both but sometimes I'm more in the mood for one more than the other.
jojuhe Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant
I love mercyplate.
Thank made mercyplate.
Lenin-C Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
you always make the skeleton bros look so fuckin cute when you draw them
Comic27 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Keep up the absolutely fantastic work
Tacolover83 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2019
Hi Zarla!! Im Tacolover83 but you can call me Alexis! Sorry im shy...and nervous...

But I REALLY love your art and syles and--Its just so amazing!! Your Handplates AU is phenomenal, and your talent in drawing is unreal!! Im a really big fan heh, sorry I dont know how to make a first impression...

But Ive been a fan of your art for a long time!! And im making you a gift to!

Just keep up your amazing artwork, and your awesome comics!
DarkDragondoesFNAF24 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
whos edgar, and why stab him?
RemixGuy1995 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Sassysmom Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2019  New Deviant
I just love your Metal Gear Solid comics. I hope you draw more of them in the future. :)
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I just adore all your art- it's amazing
ShadoeCrewsArt Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey keep up the awesome work. I've watched handplates about 6 times on YouTube 😂.
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