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Ryoko the Loner

The second in what will hopefully be a series of pictures of my muse. They are meant to explore different sides or aspects of Ryoko, showcase her in some of her best known looks, and help me experiment with various things. The first was my stick art, which showed her in her space pirate outfit, and while it wasn't intended to be part of a series, I was trying to experiment with it.

This outfit is actually one she wears around the Masaki home most often, kind of her casual clothes I guess. As such, I thought it would be appropriate to draw her in it, which gave rise to experimentation with backgrounds and lighting. This piece actually came to represent my mood over the past few months. It was a rough semester for me, so that's contributed to the overall tone. I also made the realization that I actually don't like socializing with large amounts of people, and am something of an introvert. I always thought of myself as very social-able, and I am pretty good with people, but in situations like parties and such, I tend to just want to withdraw and do my own thing.

The original name for this piece was "Ryoko the Boozer", and I made sure to have a beer every time I started working on it. =P
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nice work good job
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:iconunbalancedsexplz: very good *w*
Nice.                                                                                                      Blossom Jewel 
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amazing, ryoko is just awesome
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"Don't worry, I'm not really mad at any of you, but I wish you weren't so damned indecisive, Tenchi... "
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2 things come to mind when I see ryoko's hair 1 how hard is it to wash 2nd sonic.
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Looks really good. I'm kinda the same way myself. Nicely done.
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Very well done. 

I'm very picky when it comes to Ryoko art but this one more then measures up :).
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I could never understand that tail thing, I mean she actually have one so how does it work

That aside this an excellent piece
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Thank you!

I think the idea is basically that Ryoko is able to manipulate matter (to a certain extend anyway), and thus she is able to create a moving tail. This outfit is one where she mostly lays about the house like a cat in it, so it makes sense to me why they thought it would be cute to add a tail.
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how about you make a scene with both tenchi and ryoko drunk (still drinking sake) in hot spring (the one they have near their house in tenchi muyo) with ryoko on tenchi's lap. please make one,since there aren't any and your very good artist. have done very good job in this pic.hope your future pics are as great
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Mihoshi: "Heey! I locked myself out!"
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Wow! This is so cool! Amazing work there! Keep it up! :D
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Holy Long Island MacArthur Airport what a beautiful piece of work you have here!! The two main elements here (if you wanna call one of them an element) are the light, shining on Ryoko saying she's the important one here and second how everyone looks up at her as if she was the actual leader per say of the household. I love how Mihoshi looks terrified to get close and of course you can't have Nobuyuki without a camera. Swell job!!
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She's not drunk...

She's... contemplating.

Deep thoughts and all that.

Great work!
Whoa... 0_0 This looks absolutely incredible, I love it! :D
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Oh Awesome job! Your coloring skills are quite amazing! :D
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Hey, thanks! Haven't heard from you in a while, how you been?
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I love Ryoko. =w=
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