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SFV Poison Nostalgia costume
SFV Poison Story costume
SFV Poison default costume
SFV Q Bison
DOA5 LR Momiji Alluring Mandarin dress
DOA5 LR Ayane Alluring Mandarin dress
DOA5 LR Leifang Fairy Tail
DOA5 LR Kasumi Alluring Mandarin dress
DOA5 LR Nyotengu Tatsunoko production mashup
DOA5 LR Ayane Deception
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October 22, 1988
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XPS ASCII Editor v1.9 [Tool]
XPS ASCII Editor v1.9 This tool edits XNALara/XPS model files of ".ascii" format. It has a lame name, but I think it will do. I originally created it to help me edit the model files, because I need to edit every model I port.. extensively... I thought I should share this tool in case someone needs it. If you find any bug/error, please notify me. Requirements: - For Windows 8 and 10 users: nothing is needed. It should work right away. - For Windows 7 and Vista: you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 WARNING: This tool doesn't support the old meshes format, which on
XPS Pose converter [Tool]
Since XPS models don't use the same bone names as there is no universal naming standards, ready poses don't work correctly on all models. Even the models ported by the same person sometimes have different bone names. So I thought of creating a tool to edit the pose files so they can be used on models (carrying different bone names) other than the models with which the pose files were created.. and so, here it is: XPS pose converterXPS pose converter is a tool to change the names of bones in an XNALara/XPS pose file to match the bone names of the model you want to pose. Requirements: - For Windows 8 users: nothing is needed. It should work
Christmas gift (2014)
Hello everybody I have been working for a while preparing a Christmas gift, I kept it secret (well, sort of) as I didn't want to announce it until I'm done :plotting: My gift is 12 DoA5 Santa models, here they are: 1. Brad Wong 2. Eliot 3. Helena 4. Momiji 5. Mila 6. Rachel 7. Rig 8. Ryu Hayabusa 9. Hayate 10.Marie Rose 11.Hitomi 12.Christie I'm not a Christian and I don't care much about DoA5 Santa models, but I thought it would be nice to make this special gift for you guys and wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year :party: I spent a lot of time and exerted a lot of effort into making it.. I hope you like it :a


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LumiNyuHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch :3
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zareefHobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome.
I like your work :)
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Eagerly waiting for SOMEONE to upload DOA6 models for XNA/XPS.
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Zareef, I commented this on ur Poison model, but can you add jiggle physics to her, I might be asking a lot but it'd be hella cool.
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zareefHobbyist Digital Artist
No, I don't know how to do that.
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Happy belated. Awesome page. I really like your work. I'm actually going to start working on my own art, mostly 3d modeling, rending, and animation. Do you have any tips and resources I can look up to help me get started? Any info will be appreciated.
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zareefHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)

It depends on what software(s) you are planning to use.
You can find several tutorials here on Deviant Art, for example:

There are some torrent sites that offer 3D applications, plugins, materials, tutorials, etc.. for example:
But that site opens registration on the 1st and 15th day of the month only.. but I do recommend this site.

There are many sites that offer free textures such as:

If you are going to use 3D Studio Max, the official channel is a good start to learn the basics:

If you need to know anything, ask the people here on DA or google it (Google is your friend). If I, too, can help, I will.