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Yes, I am one of those people who completely fell in love with the movie "Avatar". :heart: Cannot help it. I've seen it twice and it just... it moves me.

Then I joined the Avatar group here at DA
and there was a contest where you draw yourself as a na'vi (the native's of planet-Pandora).
This is my contest entry.

I've tried to draw a picture of me as a na'vi several times but all the pictures looked boring. And then I got this idea and it wouldn't let go of me. The me-na'vi is the one on the left, the standing one, he is also the first na'vi I ever drew (sketched), right after I saw the movie for the first time.

I know I'm really a female, but I'm a human too, so, as a na'vi, I choose to be a man.
The other na'vi is a warrior, who has not told about himself more yet. I hope I will get to draw him more. ^^
My na'vi's name is Sreutxe'lan (which means dancing heart) and his lover is called Lu'ngay (Being true).

Gods it felt good to paint. It took about 10 hours to paint this. I used several brushes and a few textures, no references were used, only a few general pictures of the na'vi to get them right. All sketched and painted on Photoshop CS2. The colour scheme made me purrrr.
They don't have names yet, wah. =/

I don't know if I should submit this to category "fan-art" or "Original", since the characters are mine, but the concept is James Cameron's. Hmm.
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está muy bonito