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Witchblade and Punisher

color comission for Alex Kremper who is owner of this magnificent piece! and i say magnificent cause Randy and Kevin did such Beautiful artwork O_O !!! loved working on this!!

pencils by :iconrandygreen:
inks by Kevin Conrad.. dunno if he has Da account:l
colors by me!

Unpublished cover from Top Cow! la Vaca del tope lol!
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wow, that would be a dangerous meeting.
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OMG OMG Witchblade! You are my hero.
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Please tell me this is real?
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no.. was going to be.. but they went for this one
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Some one got fired for that
knytcrawlr's avatar money's on witchblade...

masterful work by both of you! really incredible job!
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haha yeah! she looks more tough:p
thanx bro for all the nice comments:)
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Absolutely stunning!
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Me gusta mucho, unos excelentes colores, el aspecto metálico de la Witchblade se ve increible :)
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esta bien genial
el color resalta un buen el dibujo
un gran trabajo como siempre
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Was this ever an official crossover? I LOVED the Marvel comics "What if" series featuring The Punisher. They always entertained wild hypotheticals like "What if The Punisher killed the X-Men" or "What if The Punisher inherited the Venom suit" and they'd do a whole comic out of it. It was hype.
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that would be cool inded haha.. i gues.. though they went with this one
:l thats the official one:l
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vaca altaaaa!!!
quedo chidin!!!
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wow! this is amazing!! :wow: :heart:
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Sweeeeet! Wow, I had no idea what it would look like colored. Very nice!
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some reason the background really stood out for me. It has a really nice traditional watercolour feel too it, and contrasts well with the digital rendering.
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thanx my friend appreciate it a ton : D
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You really knocked this one out of the park. Great job capturing the mood of the characters and helping them come to life. Thanks again!!!
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Una paleta escogida magnífica. Me encanta ese tono frío para la witchblade.

Buen trabajo!!
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Great great job !
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