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spawn commision.

owner of the this art Alex Kremper.
Awesome pencils by Philip Tan and inks by kevin Conrad colors ME


wanna know something funny?.. i dont read comic books! i just color them:) probly the only books ive read and did buy long ago were spawn comics i just luv these themes.. kinda antihero type.. such as spawn.. hellboy.. Ghost Rider..scorpion and such!
i did buy some transformers and robotech, cause im sucha fan of mechas, i mainly luv comics for the art in it! there are like lil pieces of art that you can actually flip and enjoy, though, never been to much into whats going on, on next issue and such, i just luv to see cool drawings and such: D
SO YEAH!! i loved working on this one : D luv spawn books!

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This is so amazing!!!! heh heh good job.
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Awesome work!!!!!!!!!
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Very nicely done! I never can get enough of the comic book style shading/lighting. This is excellent!

It's really too bad that Spawn didn't have a longer run than he did though. I get the feeling that nowadays, if he had another shot at a movie, people would go wild over it. The one they made back in the day was just horrid...
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Thanks man!! well this guys is going to pencil Spawn from now on
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No worries! And man, the level of detail on both of your pages is beautiful in itself. I try and stick to that high level myself, but I'm still not quite used to my tablet. I can do stuff like this on physical paper just fine in a couple of hours, but I envy he ability to do it so well digitally.
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just a matter of time man really, there'a a million ways digitally to get a a fine result, don't limit yourself :) experiment
thanks for the kind comments 
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Indeed and thank you! I've actually gotten used to my tablet and my art has improved a lot since I last commented here. I'm getting more familiar with the software too, of course, but in my opinion, my music is what has been the biggest improvement I have made. Not sure if you like instrumental orchestral metal, but if you do, give this one a whirl:…

And no problem! I hope that you've been doing well, man!
Words cannot describe how badass this image is
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This is really cool. =)
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Looks perfect. Have any tips for coloring? What do you use?
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wacom and photoshop man, do you know how to you use ps?
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Ahhh, I never used it before but have been wanting to try it out. I think I just might now. Yours came out really good.
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Thanks budy! you should man, i'm self taught, so it's learneable:p
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Awsome, I like the details and color tones. Good work
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nice work on the gauntlets and claws
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Great colors :D
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que padres !!!!!
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