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Star! Star!  Supreme Zlesdin Star! Star! 

Bullet; Black Basic info Bullet; Black 

    Bullet; Pink Name: Dawnsinger "Dawn" "Golden Princess"
    Bullet; Pink ID: ZM0170
    Bullet; Pink Breed: Pureblood Zlesdin
    Bullet; Pink Gender: Mare
    Bullet; Pink Age: 10 years
    Bullet; Pink Heigh: 165cm
    Bullet; Pink Colour: Silver buckskin
    Bullet; Pink Stable: Zarattaja's Stable
    Bullet; Pink Owner: Zara Stone
    Bullet; Pink Genotype: Ee/Aa/nCr/nZ

Bullet; Black Pedigree: Bullet; Black 

    ------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
    ----------------- SS: RD's Sir Tan
    ------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
    Sire: RD's Sir Dusk
    ------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
    ----------------- SD: RD's Shadow Queen
    ------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
    ------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
    ----------------- DS: Unknown
    ------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
    Dam: RD's The Bell Witch
    ------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
    ----------------- DD: Unknown
    ------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Bullet; Black Breeding: Bullet; Black 
Requires a breeding picture or 20Points  

Bullet; Pink BonBonBerry - Stallion / foal

Bullet; Black Rank: Bullet; Black 
         Khan Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!
     Bullet; Pink Total points: 112 ZP Bullet; Pink 

    Bullet; Pink Registration: 1 ZP

    Bullet; Red  Bloodline:
        Bullet; Red 
Names in pedigree: 2 ZP
        Bullet; Red Parent reaching Shendik: 12 ZP
        Bullet; Red Parent reaching Fleder: 2 ZP
    Bullet; Green Training/other:
Bullet; Green Foal Reference photo: 3 ZP
        Bullet; Green Adult Reference photo: 3 ZP
        Bullet; Green Trot Animation: 8 ZP
        Bullet; Green Night with Fireflies: 3 ZP
        Bullet; Green Suomi - Finland 100 years: 2 ZP

    Bullet; Blue Art by others:
        Bullet; Blue Dawnsinger / Full Body by FeatherCandy 1 ZP
        Bullet; Blue Dawnsinger / Prize by Concinnity-Castle 1 ZP
        Bullet; Blue
Ensemble (Gift) by Senyadra 1 ZP
        Bullet; Blue Submerged Prize | 2nd Place | by TheChotta 1 ZP
        Bullet; Blue
Headshot YHH for Zarattaja by Valarie5 1 ZP
        Bullet; Blue
Gift | Moondance by Mwjan 1 ZP

Bullet; Purple Show entries:
        Bullet; Purple
ZWG: Free-jumping / Dawnsinger 5 ZP
        Bullet; Purple
Dance with Sea creatures 5 ZP
        Bullet; Purple Dance with me 5 ZP
        Bullet; Purple Nordic Championship, Show Jumping -entry 5 ZP

    Bullet; Yellow equiBREAK:

        Bullet; Yellow Foal training course:
Weaning from the Mother: 3 ZP
1.2 First time eating hay in an seperate box: 3 ZP
Wearing a Halter: 2 ZP
To be lead: 3 ZP
Accepting the feel of a blanket: 3 ZP
5.0 Foal Inspection: 3 ZP

    Foal graduation: 5 ZP

        Bullet; Yellow Optional foal training course:
1. Standing tied: 3 ZP
            2. Accepting the presence of objects: 3 ZP
            3. Being groomed for the first time: 3 ZP
            4. Walking over an uneven surface: 3 ZP
            5. Play time: 3 ZP

Foal top graduation: 8 ZP

Bullet; Black Competitions Bullet; Black

    Bullet; White
ZWG: Free-jumping / Dawnsinger
Place: 7

    Bullet; White
Dance with Sea creatures
Place: 11

    Bullet; White
Dance with me 3 ZP
        Place: 2

    Bullet; White Nordic Championship, Show Jumping -entry 2 ZP
       Place: 3


ZWG Grading Ribbon
    ZWG Grading Diploma
Rhan Ribbon

Reference photo:
by Vikarus
Thank you!
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Is she still open for breeding? If so I'd like to buy a slot <3