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Mixed media painting.
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My kind of Dragon!

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"Let's cut out a step here. Forget the annual gold tribute; secure 20 large wagons, filled with sacks of this.

Don't bother telling me you can't: I know the kind of commodities traffic you get here. Local marauder, remember?"

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This invokes so much emotion! The personality reminded me of a favorite dragon In our D&D campaign. I played around with some video editing and animated this 😀. It’s on my Pinterest with a link set to here and your glorious credit. Hopefully it drives some more fans your way 🙃. If you want it taken down just let me know and I will.
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I'd really much like that.Brilliant work
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looks great and I love the idea of a dragon with a dragon-sized cup of coffee 
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Oh god this was a brilliant idea.
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Even dragons need caffeine!
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It would be so much fun to have coffee with dragon! I love this! :D
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OMG!!! I fell in love with this drawing :XD: It's just so cool and GREAT drawn!!!
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This wonderful painting has been featured in my Small Oddities post!…
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What could be better than a dragon with a cup of coffee? :D
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There is nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning. A big one. :D I like the pattern of the scales and the colors.
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:wow: Simply amazing. ^.^ :clap:
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Wow, awesomely done ^^
Chilin' with a brewski XD
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A dragon enjoying a cup of coffee, that is the coolest thing.
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proof that everyone loves coffee xD 
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looking out cute. And he drinks his coffee all alone... :D
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So that's what, about a 50-gallon drum? XD
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Very cute. I love your dragon's pose and expression! And the scales are beautifully done; you've done an amazing job getting the tones and shading just right.
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I like coffee, but I also like dragons. ;) Sooo insta-fav haha. Really lovely traditional art scales here. :)
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that would totally be me XD YEAH COFFEE :icondragonteaplz:
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