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Wolf Mask

Latex werewolf mask made a few months back.
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Hi there, 
I know this piece is like... 8 years olf by now, but did you ever make any unpainted casts of it? its truly awesome! 
And if you did/do, how much would you charge for a unpainted product (or 4-5 even, if possible)?
Is it possible to buy or rent this? We are doing a production of Beauty and the Beast and need 5 wolf masks.
If this is not available, do you have a site you would suggest? Most wolf masks I've seen are too much like werewolves.
Wow! This is fantastic! Would love something like this for Halloween...
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I'm looking for someone to make me a mask, but of a sphinx (the cat not the statue) for a Dragon Ball Z 'Bills' costume. Message me if you do commissions.
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how can u make these!?
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Love the detail. Wish I had the patience to do something like this.

Great work on it~
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do you have more? and are any for sale?
I absoltuely love this!
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I can make more like it for commissions. Would be about $250NZD to commission one.
Thank you!
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*winces* ohhh that's way out of my price range. ;A;
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Yeah, sorry ^^' They are expensive to produce and take a long time to make.
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It's fine. well if I ever come into that sort of money, I know what to spend it on. ^A^

just curious, but if you're ever free, I'd absolutely love to do an art trade sometime. ^^
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looks like the dog soldiers werewolf mask
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Love the snarl & the fur detail, is the latex very thick? Did you paint it into a mold, or some other way?
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I still cannot comprehend how you do this and just sit here, dreaming that I will someday learn how....
Beautiful job. I always look for masks like the ones you make, but nope, nothing like them!
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o.o I want a black one like this o.o with some long black fur at the back. Was actually searching for a half mask black wolf one
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wow,you made this? That's awesome!! I simply love it!
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xD I did indeed! I am making more too. Thanks very much.
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AWESOME!!! I hope you will continue to post these as well! I have never seen such before,and simply find these to be amazing!
May I ask,do you use a mold to create these? No need to worry,I have no means of stealing your ideas,I am only curious.
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;p it wouldn't be stealing to use such a well used method. But yes, I make the sculpture beforehand, and then a mould. I've made three casts of this particular face so far. I will post further creations when they happen, but it may be a while off yet.
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Three? WOW,why so many?
That's awesome!! Yea,I figured that was how it was done,but I have never seen it done before so It was only a guess.
What or how do you make the mold? I mean,what is the mold made of,clay? or some sort of mold material? I know,I am asking to many questions....sorry.
I can't wait to see more of these,but please do not stop drawing!! I so love your art,I find your art style just incredible!! The idea's and creations you come up with are both inspiring and mesmerizing!!:D
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I've sold one, made one for myself, and hope to sell the third if anyone is interested. Custom colored commissions or something.
The mould is made from plaster.
I guess I've moved away from drawing quite a lot lately, and have moved into exploring more physical mediums. I kinda miss drawing though sometimes, hopefully I won't become too rusty. lol :|
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