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T-shirts of this also available on [link]

Or if you are in NZ, you can get prints from here - [link]
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Oh mt God?It`s cool paint.
I have never bought a piece of art and one day when I have the money I am going to buy a print of this and have it framed.
Zarathus, Here the frist session of my tatto
Hola Zarathus, disculpa que escriba en español, solo quería pedir permiso de tu parte para tatuarme esta ilustracion en mi espalda, es de ese tipo de arte que una vez tienes la oportunidad de ver sabes que tiene que ir en tu piel si o si.
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wow ! Amazing piece of work ! Stunning ! :D
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Pure talent. Just can't say much more than that.
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his body looks delicious
no wonder he's tasting it
I have been obsessed with this piece of art since I first saw it years ago, so obsessed in fact that I had it tattoo'd on my back. I am sincerely sorry for not asking your permission, I was in a tough period of time and I wasn't thinking considerately. If you want to contact me about it feel free. Again I can't thank you and appreciate your talent enough.
Beautiful piece! I was wondering if I could possibly use this as a cover to my upcoming book Street Monk (heavily influenced by Nietzsche).
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Awesome art! It's perfect... Details are so fascinating and full of symbolism...:omg-whut: 
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hey, great piece of art. i hope i am not breaking any sort of copy right or anything like that, and if i did, i apologize. But i had a tattoo made after this one, slightly changed, but overall quite similar.
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Yep. Pretty cool.
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I would love to use this in a free adventure series I am putting together, if that is still possible. I saw at least one other request to use the image, and it's a great Ouroboros for the purposes I am seeking to illustrate (the ancient, Cosmic Serpent, original creator/destroyer of All).

My adventure is called 'Return of the Annunaki' (…, and it is completely free. As I get each portion completed, I put them together as a PDF, as I did with 'The Crime Ring' (1st level), and I would love to include this image with 'To Enter the Serpent's Den,' where the adventuring players meet with nagas, and learn more about their culture and history - and I would like to add in the Ouroboros mythos as the origin of many of their myths. In addition to messaging me on here, please feel free to email me -

Thanks, and best wishes.
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Looks great :) It reminds me of a dream catcher
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Easily the coolest thing I've seen today! Great details, and I am loving the grotesque nature of it!
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In 2011 I found this picture in Internet and made this tattoo. Later on I found out that this picture was yours. I hope, you are not against it. You  are brilliant artist!
<3 maravilloso!
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Beautiful details and concept.
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Would really like to ask for permission to use this as a base for a tattoo of mine. Thanks!
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Sure. If you could show me pictures when it's done, that would be excellent!
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Zarathus, I would like to speak with you re using your graphic in a book set for publication mid-October, copy right clearance and/or arrangements. Note, as graphic in a dedicated chapter, NOT as jacket cover. For background info please see: Thanks.
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amazing use of detail...see i dont get how ed hardy  has a job when stuff like this is out there
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