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Experiment 2

My second mask. Cast in latex.
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thats insanely good
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There is no existing word to describe my current astonishment.
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How is it, to cast in latex? Is it easer then paper machee and wire or is it harder/more expensive?
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Latex is MUCH more expensive. Takes quite a lot longer to do, too. But I still prefer it, I find it better for fine detailing.
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Hmmm. But is it easer to mold it and get the long face? I should look up some tutorials. Because I do like how stiffer masks are, but I also like latex rubbery types. (I am prone to accidentally crushing my masks.)
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Er.. hmm. It depends on how you do the latex. The slush method is very expensive because it requires a LOT of latex, but the brushing method often doesn't come out so well, especially for things like long muzzles, spines, or any significant protrusions. It can often come out quite warped. You can kinda see an example of that in the lower front on image, where one side of the muzzle has warped just above the fang.
Larger latex masks also need re-inforcing or the latex won't hold its shape when worn.

Whatever you go with I'd be very interested in seeing though. :) Just checked out your gallery, you have some very cool looking critters.
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LOL! Well I think for now I ought to try and get paper machee down again. (I haven't done it since 10th grade) maybe for Evil or something like that. And I've more creatures then that I assure you. I recently moved accounts so this is just a small bit of what I had. ^^ I really do adore masks however. A lot. And other crafty things. I also eventually wanted to incorporate the antlers I have laying around my room into something too. XD If not Im just going to super glue them to my helmet.
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Holy shit, Thats awesome mask 8D
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This is insane. Are you sure you aren't a master of latex masks?:D
The details are incredible and the colors are the icing on the cake. If this were commercially available I'm sure it would be quite popular. Amazing work!
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Awesome masks! If I may request--- Could you please take pictures of someone wearing the mask and post them? :)
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I am not really a casting expert:D, but you did a an awesome job!! i love the detail!!:)
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Its Amazing!
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Very, very nice. :D
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WOW how did ya nmake it and where did ya get the latex from hun?
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that is awesome!
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awesome! I'd be game to buy one depending on cost! Let me know if u wanna work somethin out!

either way, thats the BOMB
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Really? Awesomeness. It wouldn't be cheap though :/
But I'm glad you like it! Thanks.
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well, cheap is a relative term :-P

If you come up with an estimate, let me know ^_^

or maybe we can do a trade? Im workin on my own mask-making atm
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Dude, that's really neat! XD I had clicked on this thinking that it was a tiny sculpey sculpture! It's head-sized?!

You've always been made of awesome -- I'm so glad that you're branching into these plain neat realms of creative thinking. Keep going with this, I think you've stumbled on something that has a heck of a lot of potential! :D
zarathus's avatar
I have discovered mask making is something I find really interesting to do :0 Will be doing more in the future!
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love it! I WANT ONE! >:L
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