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Experiment 1

A mask I have been working on over the last few months. So glad to finally have it done.
Made with foam, epoxy and paper mache. Painted with airbrush.
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please, let me buy one!  T-T
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Wow! Excellent!
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Absolutely amazing and gorgeous! I love the colours! Once again... I am lost for words.
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It sure looks like it took months. That thing's bloody beautiful. Very nicely done indeed!
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that is awesome
DracoWolf0-0's avatar
how big is that?, its awesome
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this is awesome, how often do you make masks? i'm actually looking around for some for my wedding and i have specific animals that i need for my bridal party
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Mrawr ! what an awesome mask!
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:omg: This is just too awesome for words.
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Wow, that's beautiful! Put it on, put it on!
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WOW!!!! How can u be so good at working those masks!!! =)
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Amazing its soooo wonderful and pretty i loves it <3
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holly crp that is awesome!
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Wow! I love it! It looks so professional.
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Holy awesome, Batman! Love the details and coloring!
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You did a wonderful job with this!
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The most beautiful mask I have ever seen :heart: Puts my bird-swan abomination to shame :XD:
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