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Nina Dobrev by artistiq-me Nina Dobrev :iconartistiq-me:artistiq-me 235 89 KristenStewart by artistiq-me KristenStewart :iconartistiq-me:artistiq-me 408 117 Demi by artistiq-me Demi :iconartistiq-me:artistiq-me 196 31 Robert Pattinson by artistiq-me Robert Pattinson :iconartistiq-me:artistiq-me 550 183 Ian Somerhalder by artistiq-me Ian Somerhalder :iconartistiq-me:artistiq-me 512 153
For those who are teased
Pity those
who throw knives
at your back,
for you've
steel armor,
and they're left
with porcelain skin,
and broken knives.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 279 141
It slowly crept into my head
at first just a small whisper
easily forgotten easily pushed aside
but it did not stay this way
oh how it grew and became stronger
it only took one time to listen to its words
and it held me in its grips
with no promises of ever letting go
this creature only promised death
although my therapist calls it depression
i call it a horrible creature with little room to escape
10:18 PM 11/24/2014
:iconlillyzzz:Lillyzzz 2 3
Less than nothing.
This is the end? Dare I disagree
How can it end if it never began?
A wasted life, a wasted existence
Such a withered husk to ever be called a man.
Is the thought of happiness so hard to bear?
Dare I ask for peace and friendship before my end?
Never, for it should be hard to find peace and friendship
When I've no one I can honestly call a friend.
My time is coming with the click of the hammer.
My finger on the trigger, a bead of sweat on my face,
The muzzle of the gun is pointing between my eyes,
Ready to leave forever this horrible place.
Final is the world beyond my gaze
Nobody will miss me, know it to be true
And who will find this suicide note?
An unfortunate person, maybe someone like you.
Lament, I say, in this time of need.
For what could possibly be worse
Then being alone in the world
Living the loner's curse?
Now I close my eyes to dull the tears
Forget the air of what's to come
Remember the life I've led thus far
Through school, work, a
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 3 5
I am waiting, waiting for it to go away. The gnawing in my brain, the endless mania that never stops, never rests in it's presistance to drive me closer to the bottom of insanity.
Can I turn it off this time? Can I smile and be the pretty girl with everything figured out?
Will it crush me this time? Because I am drowning in the loneliness of my monsters creation.
How can you love me if I won't let you? There is nothing left in me that's good.
Where do I hide from this? Because my only salvation has fled.
The alternatives while effective will feed a starving beast, and rising from that pit the familiar jaws of consumption will rise and I will be lost this time.
This fight makes a tired soul exhausted, how can I keep going? And where am I going? Am I reaching for home? Or am I reaching for a destruction I can't even see?  Will this be the end of me? Finally the end of the story I never asked to be a part of, but still played my role to a maybe I can find rest in a deeper em
:iconsacrosanct-insanity:Sacrosanct-Insanity 1 2
You can look everywhere
But you won't find it
You can listen carefully
But you can't hear it
I know it's somewhere
I know it's there
But I'm unable to reach
:icondarkphantom9000:DarkPhantom9000 1 0
Forever Cursed
I am incapable of love
All relationships I destroy
They just...
Slip away
It's always been there
Mutual interest
Mutual friends
Mutual wants
Mutual feelings
A connection
Then they just
Let it go
It gets easier for them
Year after year
It just hurts me more
They don't even tell me
Not anymore
They just slip
Through my fingers
And leave
Their physical presence
To haunt me
To torture me
I allow it
They can't leave me
If they hurt me
Betray me
Break my heart
I'll never escape
They don't care
It's not their fault
I just want love
I just want something
Something meaningful
Someone who cares
Who won't hurt me
A relationship
That won't disappear
But that won't happen
When it comes to me...
People always leave
And those who stay
Just cause me pain
It's a curse...
I have failed to break
:icondarkrose407:DarkRose407 4 3
Sims Plumbob by mikmix Sims Plumbob :iconmikmix:mikmix 154 47 The Sims 3 Stamp by snwgames The Sims 3 Stamp :iconsnwgames:snwgames 1,485 92 Winter wedding cake by HajnalkaMayor Winter wedding cake :iconhajnalkamayor:HajnalkaMayor 10 1 Teacher cake! by Moonlight-Arts Teacher cake! :iconmoonlight-arts:Moonlight-Arts 4 0 Jewelry Box Cake by HaileesSweets Jewelry Box Cake :iconhaileessweets:HaileesSweets 2 0






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