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Twists and Turns of Love -Ch19
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 19
October 13th, 2005
"Ron, I really wish you'd work harder on your schoolwork. It's important!"
Ron just groaned as he leaned against a neighboring locker. "KP, the fine art of procrastination has served me quite well in the past, and will continue to serve me well in the future. Besides, why is it so important?"
Kim just looked at him, concern in her eyes. "It's important because I want us to go to the same college after high school, and you might not be able to if your grades don't pick up."
Ron sighed, looking down at his feet. "Fine… for you, I'll get my work done. But I'm really spoiling you, you know?"
Kim just laughed. "I know!"
At that moment, the screen before her came to life, the frowning expression on Wade's face telling her everything.
"What's the sitch Wade?"
"Finally got a lock on Drakken and Shego, they really went into hiding this time."
Kim just smirked, eager to get back at Shego for her comments before. "So how'd you get them
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Twists and Turns of Love -Ch18
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 18
September 8th, 2005
"I don't know Monique, do you think I'm being too hard on him?"
Kim leaned against her locker, a sorrowful look on her face as she talked with her friend. Monique just stood in the hallway, allowing the traffic to mill past her, unconcerned with the looks she was getting from some whose path she impeded upon. "Look girl, I really don't see what the big deal is anyways. Every guy does that!"
"Yeah, but Ron's not a guy, he's… he's Ron!"
"Kim, just because you only just discovered he's a guy doesn't mean he wasn't one all along!"
Kim head lowered, refusing to look into the eyes of her friend. "I know, it's just…"
"Girl, we talk about you and Ron all the time. How is this any different?"
Kim looked up, a little indignant. "Because we don't talk about sex!" A few eyes looked in her direction. As she realized just how loud she had said that last statement, Kim's face reddened, and she lowered her voice again. "I mean, we just talk
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Twists and Turns of Love -Ch17
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 17
September 6th, 2005
"Come on KP, aren't you awake yet? We're going to be late for the first day of school!"
Kim peeked through sleep-laden eyes and glanced at the clock, trying very hard to figure out what time it was, as well as figure out who this stranger impersonating Ron was. "Ron… you do know what time it is, don't you?" The digital display showed six in the morning, and Kim just groaned. "And since when are you eager to get back to school?"
The grin on his face irritated her. "Since I realized what a bon-diggity year it was gonna be! All our classes together again, I'm dating the head cheerleader and most beautiful woman in the school, and I am no longer in shock about moving up the food chain! It's going to be great!"
Kim's eyes opened, glaring at him slightly. "You're not going to get all big-heady on me, are you?" That had been one of Kim's biggest fears when she had first heard from Monique about Ron's "jump" in standing, and had bee
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Twists and Turns of Love -Ch16
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 16
August 27th, 2005
"So you're coming over tonight?"
"You know I am KP! What did you have planned?"
Kim smiled as she held the phone to her ear, lying back on her bed. "I told you, I'm going to cook you dinner!"
Silence prevailed on the other end, and Kim began to fear that they had lost their connection. "Uh… Kim… I thought you were joking?"
Kim frowned slightly. "You don't want me to cook for you?"
"No, no, it's not that… umm… your mom will be there… right?"
"No, my folks are at a couples retreat and won't be back until late, and the Tweebs are still visiting Nanna in Florida for a couple more days. We have the place to ourselves."
"OK… that sounds great… um… just be careful."
Kim just sighed, unable to completely hide the irritated tone in his voice. "Ron, it's just dinner! I think I can handle it!"
Kim didn't feel as confident as she h
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Twists and Turns of Love -Ch15
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 15
August 12th, 2005
"Kim, we might have a problem!"
Kim just sighed as she held the Kimmunicator in front of her, watching Wade furiously typing on his keyboard. She had hoped that she and Ron could enjoy a nice quiet day lounging on the beach of Lake Middleton, but shouldn't have been so surprised to be interrupted. She called Ron over, who had been happily splashing in the water with Rufus. He walked over slowly, obviously irritated, but didn't say anything as he stepped within view of Wade on the screen.
"So what's the sitch?"
"Drakken and Shego have escaped, and I think they are up to something already. A high-powered laser was stolen from a government lab in Ohio just a couple hours after their escape. I think I've got a trace on them. I'm trying to isolate it further, but it looks like he's set up base again in the Canadian Rockies. I'll have a better fix by the time you guys are in the air."
Kim looked down at the one-piece bathing suit sh
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Twists and Turns of Love -Ch14
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 14
July 30th, 2005
Kim walked with an almost skip to her step, as she made her way down the sidewalk. As she approached Ron's house, not far in the distance, her smile widened. Just one day until her birthday, her first with her and Ron as a couple, and she was eagerly awaiting it. Ron had promised her an amazing time, and considering how well Ron had come through whenever he said that since they had started dating, she knew that he wouldn't let her down.
She rapped lightly on the door, and Kim was quickly greeted by the beaming smile of Mrs. Stoppable. "Kim, dear, it's so good to see you. Ronald is upstairs in his room. Want me to call him down?"
Kim just grinned at the older woman. "No thanks, I'll just go surprise him."
Kim quickly and quietly climbed the stairs, and had just put her hand on the doorknob before she managed to pick out the sound of Ron talking to someone. To say what she heard was shocking was an understatement.
"Don't worry Mon
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Twists and Turns of Love -Ch13
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 13
July 7th, 2005
It had taken him awhile, but James Possible was starting to feel comfortable again with Ron. He and Kim had been dating for almost a month now, and not once, since the prom anyways, had Ron broken the rules. He was also glad the boy had stopped running everytime he saw him enter a room. Maybe he had gone too far, but this was his little Kimmie-Cub, and he just didn't want to lose her.
He pulled into the garage, glad to be home from work early. They had gotten the initial launch vectors finalized ahead of schedule, and a good portion of the lab had been given the afternoon off. As he walked up to the garage door, ready to begin a nice, relaxing afternoon of reading, he noticed the note pinned to the door.
I'm going to be working late tonight, three procedures to get done. You'll have to handle dinner tonight, and make sure Kim gets her clothes from the dryer and that Jim and Tim get their homework done before they start
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Twists and Turns of Love -Ch12
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 12
The teens sat incredulous, as they stared at DNAmy, standing there in the ruins of the restaurant wall. Patrons scrambled around, away from the devastation, as Kim quickly rose to her feet, moving into a fighting stance. She glanced over at Ron, and noticed him still sitting there, a look of confusion on his face, as if he was trying to think of something. With a start, realization kicked in, and he jumped to his feet.
"Wait, what happened to your gorilla parts?"
DNAmy just smiled, waving her hand at him in a demure manner that belied the current situation. "Oh, that. Monty said he liked me much better as my old self, so I changed myself back. Now, I know you did something to my Monty! He loves me, and you've done something to take him away from me!"
Kim just stood her ground, waving her friends to get behind her. "We haven't done anything to Monkey Fist. We haven't even seen him, or you, in months!"
"You can't lie to me! My Monty went home to
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Twists and Turns of Love -Ch11
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 11
Kim took her time as she slowly made the walk to Ron's house. Events of the previous night kept flashing through her head, and they left her very… confused. On the one hand, she had greatly enjoyed what she had done with Ron, more than she ever believed she would, but at the same time, she wasn't sure if she was ready for that kind of a relationship just yet. The feelings had been intense, and at the time, she thought she had been ready, even initiating things further by starting to take off his shirt. But now, in the light of day, she just felt a little… uneasy. Now, she was glad that Ron's parents had come home, interrupting them before anything further could happen.
Kim paused as she approached the Stoppable house. She knew she had to talk to Ron about this, but she had to do this the right way. After all, she didn't want to make things difficult, or give him the wrong idea, something she might have done with her own actions last night as it
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Twists and Turns of Love -Ch10
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 10
"So he still hasn't asked her yet?"
"Hey, give the guy a break. He hasn't exactly dated much and he's nervous!"
Kim and Ron were slowly walking home, hand in hand. It had been a long week of classes, and both were very glad that Friday had arrived. Both were very eager to resume the dating portion of their new relationship, and Ron had had a permanent, almost goofy grin on his face the entire day. Kim wasn't much better, but was able to hide it from everyone but Monique… and Ron.
"What's he so nervous about? He knows she's going to say yes, all he had to do was ask."
"You know it's not that simple. Remember how much trouble I had telling you how I felt? How you felt? Heck, remember when we first started high school and you saw Josh for the first time?"
"OK, OK, you've made your point. I just want to see them happy, you know. I think they'd look cute together."
Ron just grimaced at that. "OK, you are so not telling them that when we get them tog
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Twists and Turns of Love - Ch9
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 9
Kim and Monique were enjoying themselves as they wallowed in the multitude of sales going on at the mall. Kim already had a bag of clothes she had purchased while Monique had three times the volume accumulated. Still, they pressed onward, looking through store after store, trying to find everything they could want.
Monique looked up, and instantly recognized the half-dreamy look on Kim's face as she held up a pink flowered shirt, obviously way too small for her. "You know Kim, I really don't think that's going to fit you, unless you have decided to stop breathing."
Kim snapped out of it quickly, looking up at Monique. "No, I'm not… I was just remembering. I was wearing a shirt just like this when Ron got home from Camp Wannaweep years ago. I was so happy to see him, I just grabbed him into this huge hug. Even though he was still in that girls have cooties phase, I remember he hugged me back, and we must have been like that for like ten minutes,
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Twists and Turns of Love - Ch8
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 8
As Kim walked into the lunchroom, she saw Ron sitting at their usual table. She had been a bit worried whenever she saw him, like he wanted to talk to her. That was fine with her, she wanted to talk to him as well, but Ron didn't often get that kind of expression on his face, and it concerned her just a bit. As she got closer, she saw him picking at his food, staring at it almost absently. Not even bothering to grab something for herself, she sat down across from him. He looked almost startled when he looked up and saw her there.
"Ron, you OK?"
He sighed quietly. "Yeah, KP, I just… I need to talk to you about something."
Kim folded her hands in front of her. "It's not…"
"No, no, nothing bad, at least I don't think it's bad. It's just… ok… umm…"
"It's ok Ron, you can tell me anything!"
He smiled, looking up into her eyes. "OK, it's like this. I really like what we're doing. I mean, first off, I'm a guy, so I'm definitely digging the kissing and s
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Twists and Turns of Love - Ch7
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 7
"Hey Mrs. Dr. P! Is Kim ready to go?"
Andrea just smiled at the young man, standing on the front step. "I've told you Ron, you don't have to knock. You can come right on in like you have for the last ten years!"
Ron just grinned sheepishly. "I know. It's just, since me and KP are dating now, it just… I don't know… feels different, you know?"
"I know. But not everything has to change. Now, have you had breakfast yet?"
Ron just smiled. "Well, I had a little something at home, but you know I could never turn down breakfast with the Possibles!"
Andrea just smiled as she led Ron in. James looked up briefly from his paper, giving Ron a look the teen couldn't quite determine, before turning back to what he was reading. The twins sat there, smiles on their faces, for which Ron was greatly worried about. Before he could say anything to them, Kim rushed quickly into the room, pausing only when she saw Ron.
The two teens looked at each other, sharing awkwa
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Twists and Turns of Love - Ch6
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 6
"Oh man, that was sweet! So deserves an air guitar!" Motor Ed's fingers flared in the air, the sounds coming from his lips tinged with joy. Ron heard none of it, staring where Kim had once been, before the fire of the engine had been unleashed.
Tears threatened to pour, but he restrained them. Ron turned to Ed, all emotion gone from his face. Ed had destroyed the one person who had meant the most to him, the person he loved! His hands clenched into fists, and he moved towards his opponent. He knew what he was going to do!
Ed's gyrations ceased just in time to see Ron advancing on him. The look in the young man's eyes frightened him.
"Hey little dude, seriously, hold up a second!" Ed grabbed a large wrench off the table, never taking his Ron. "Seriously, don't come any closer! I didn't think that would kill her, Red usually gets away! Seriously blond dude, settle down!"
"Dude, seriously, I'll settle you down! Permanently!" Ron's words dripped wit
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Twists and Turns of Love - Ch5
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 5
"Oh my God girl, that is so romantic!"
"I know! I took so long for me to get to sleep last night, I just kept thinking over everything we did. I didn't want the night to end!"
"I am so jelling right now! I so want someone who would do that for me!"
Kim and Monique had only been shopping for a couple hours, and all Kim could talk about was her night with Ron.
"So, when are you two going out again?"
Kim just smiled. "Oh, we're going to Beuno Nacho tonight, just to hang out."
"Beuno Nacho? No huge romantic gesture? No dancing or dinner or anything like that?"
"Monique, that's not who we are. Yes, it was great, but I wouldn't want to do that all the time, it would ruin how special it is! Just because we're dating now shouldn't mean we lose what we already have."
Monique just shook her head. "I guess you've got this thing all figured out."
"Not by a long shot!" Both teens laughed at that.
They turned back to the pants they were looking at when they h
:iconzaratan4:zaratan4 5 1
Twists and Turns of Love - Ch4
The Twists and Turns of Love – Chapter 4
Kim couldn't believe how excited she was. She was going out with Ron! Granted, they went out all the time, but that was as friends. It was always casual, and just seemed so regular. But now, she was going OUT with Ron!
Monique had called within minutes of the press conference ending, and they had spent hours going over how she should wear her hair, what she would wear. She had never spent this much time getting prepared for a date in here life, not with Josh, not with Erik. She knew Ron would like whatever she wore, but she just couldn't decide.
She knew she was running out of time though. Ron had called, and said he was picking her up at six. That was half an hour away.
Andrea Possible stood on the stairs of her daughter's room, smiling as she saw her hustling about, checking different dresses, trying different shoes. She walked up a couple more steps.
"Kim, you should settle on a dress first, before your head explodes."
"I know, but I just can
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Can I get a BOOYAH? That's right folks, it's that time again, time for the Third Annual Fannie Awards! This time, we are looking at the best of the best for the year 2007, and there are quite a few to choose from this year. With the new season, we saw an influx of new authors and new ideas, giving us over 1,000 new stories this year. So many tales to choose from, so little time.

So let's get to what this is all about! You, the people, are the ones that decide who wins each and every award! Make your selections on the handy list I'm providing below. Any story written or contributed to in the year is eligible to win, with one exception. Those stories and writers who won previously in a category can not win again this year, though the awards for Best Writer and Best Series can be the previous winners again after 2 years. This is to help open up the field for everyone to have a chance. See the list below for all the details.

1st Annual Fannie Award winners!

· Best Writer - MrDrP (MrDrP is eligible again at the 4th Annual Fannie Awards)
· Best New Writer (started in last 6 months for this year's, starting August 1st) - StarvingLunatic
· Best Story Overall – David Clark Allan, Shego Rocks!
· Best Series Overall – Allaine, Unacceptable Sitch series (This series, if still being written then, is eligible again at the 4th Annual Fannie Awards)
· Best One-shot Overall – Nate Grey, Chronic
· Best Novel-sized Story Overall (100,000 words or more) - Hobnob-rev, Kim Possible: Mind, Body, and Soul
· Best Comedy – Cid Gregor, Mind Games: Redux
· Best Romance – Immo, A Few New Tricks
· Best Action/Adventure – CaptainKodak1, The Lotus Bloom
· Best Drama – Apoptosis, A Road Not Taken
· Best Songfic – Zaratan, Something More
· Best Crossover/Fusion – MrDrP, Kim Possible: The Next Generation
· Best K/R Story – CaptainKodak1, The Lotus Bloom
· Best Kigo Story – Hobnob-rev, Kim Possible: Mind, Body, and Soul
· Best Alternative Pairing Story (Ron/Bon, Kim/Drakken, etc.) – Zaratan, Life Changes
· Best Original Character – Hobnob-rev, Kara Fang
· Best Minor Character (From show, but expanded upon. ie. Yori, Tara, etc.) – Zaratan, Bonnie, and Mattb3671, Nooni (TIE)

2nd Annual Fannie Award winners!

- Best Writer - Commander Argus (Commander Argus is eligible again at the 5th Annual Fannie Awards)
- Best New Writer (2006) -  (tie) King in Yellow & Cpneb
Most Voted Writer - Starving Lunatic
- Best Story Overall –  Alone Together - Failte200
- Best Series Overall – The Trinity Sitch - Commander Argus (This series, if still being written then, is eligible again at the 5th Annual Fannie Awards)
- Best One-shot Overall –  Zorpox and the Cheerleader - MrDrP
- Best Novel-sized Story Overall (100,000 words or more) -  The Gods Must Be Laughing - Starving Lunatic
- Best Comedy – It's Addictive - Spectre666
- Best Romance – Another Time, Another Place - Starving Lunatic
- Best Action/Adventure – Maternal Instinct - Blackbird
- Best Drama – The Darkness Within - GWA (G-Go, MrDrP, CaptainKodak1, Mattb3671, WesUAH, Commander Argus, Zaratan)
- Best Crossover/Fusion – The Batman - Classic Cowboy
- Best AU - Middlewood - Yvj
- Best K/R Story – The Ronless Factor - Scoutcraft Piratess/Zaratan
- Best Kigo Story – Alone Together - Failte200
- Best Alternative Pairing Story (Ron/Bon, Kim/Drakken, etc.) – In the Middle - Starving Lunatic
- Best Original Character – Isabel Gooding - Walking the Line - Starving Lunatic
- Best Minor Character (From show, but expanded upon. ie. Yori, Tara, etc.) – Bonnie - In the Middle - Starving Lunatic
- Best Original Character Name - Kasy and Sheki - Kasy/Sheki series - NoDrogs
- Best Villain - Kara Fang - Kim Possible : Mind, Body, and Soul - Hobnob-rev
- Best Single Line - Starving Lunatic - One in a Billion - Shego - "What the? Where have you been these past few years? When the woman says she's on a plane, chances are she's actually in a cab on the way to the house! I don't want to get caught by her!"

This year, one category has been removedby the decision of the Fannie Awards Committee. Best Single Line has been removed. We have added 3 new categories though, thanks to the votes of the Fannie Awards Committee. These include Best Young Author, Best Short Story, and Best Writing Team. Finally, we have one returning category, Best Songfic, which was voted back unanimously by everyone. All 4 new and returning categories were voted on by the Committee, and I hope you will embrace them as well.

This year, there will be a slightly different format. There will be 2 rounds of voting this time. Voting for the first round will end at 11:59 pm EST on January 31st, 2008. These ballots will be done as normal, by the ballot form provided below and submitting them to me by PM or by email at .

The second round will start immeadiately after that, and will include the top 5 vote getting stories and writers in each category in a secret poll format hosted on my forum on (…) . For those without an account, you can email your response to me, and I will add it to the final count. This round will run for anouther 2 weeks, until 11:59 pm, February 14th, 2008.

The awards show will then start Saturday, February 23rd, 2008, after all votes have been tabulated, award winner speeches submitted and added, and all the details are finalized.

Also, be sure to check out our great website, developed and maintained by the inestimable Commander Argus.

On a final note, I would like to thank those helping me with putting this event together this year. Commander Argus, webmaster supreme, and the members of the Fannie Awards Committee, Triaxx, King in Yellow, and CaptainKodak, not to mention all the little things so many others do. This is made possible thanks to their assistance.

So there you have it folks. Place your votes, and get ready for the party! This should be a blast!

3rd Annual Fannie Awards Categories!

Best Writer -
Best New Writer (started in 2007) -
Best Story Overall –
Best Series Overall -
Best One-shot Overall -
Best Novel-sized Story Overall (100,000 words or more) -
Best Comedy –
Best Romance -
Best Action/Adventure -
Best Drama -
Best Crossover/Fusion -
Best K/R Story -
Best Kigo Story -
Best Alternative Pairing Story (Ron/Bon, Kim/Drakken, Shego/Barkin etc.) -
Best Original Character –
Best Minor Character (From show, but expanded upon. ie. Yori, Tara, etc.) -
Best AU Story –
Best Original Character Name (Following the KP naming scheme) –
Best Villain –
Best Songfic -
Best Young Author (eligible to authors 19 years of age and younger as of December 31, 2007)-
Best Short Story (multi-chapter short stories with a maximum of 15,000 words) -
Best Writing Team (stories posted in current year, eligible to those in which 2 or more writers collaborate on the WRITING of a story. Betas not eligible) -


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levi2000a Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014

Zaratan 4 left a story unfinished over at .He left it at a major cliff hanger in the story. It captivated me with it's story and circumstances, so much so that I've actually lost some sleep over it, so I'm going to try and write A possible ending for it.
If anyone knows him or can get in touch with him, please let him know that I am doing this. If he give me permission, great. If he doesn't and wants to finish it himself, great.

It's a win-win either way.

I will be making a few changes to the original story. Maybe a total of five words per chapter to clarify some things for things that happen in the chapters I will be adding to. I will underline these to show them.

I also corrected a few misspellings, or at least my word processor did. :)

I'll start posting this possible ending, after I post the original six chapter, in a few weeks. That should give plenty of time for word to maybe get back to him.

I hope.

levi2000a Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
I won't even begin to guess what's going on in your life right now but I hope that it is all good. I just want to thank you for the enjoyment your KP fan fics have given me over the years and to put forth a question or rather a request. Please finsh your story, "Present and Past." I started reading it thinking it was complete and found that your last update had left it at a crucial spot in time. I hate to say that I got pretty wrapped up in it, but after looking at the reviews for it, I also saw that I was not alone. A lot of other people also got caught up in it.
You ay have moved past this part of your life or have other reasons, which is your business, but please finish or pass your notes/ideas on to someone else to finish it. Thank you again.
mr35mm Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, my friend!
many thanks for add [link] to your fav's!!!
A cordial greeting for you from Argentina! :-)
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feeling sheepish
thought it was "zataran"
heard of cpneb's passing & checking the pages--i knew him less well than you--i offer my coldolences
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thanks for faving the Good Deed Gone Bad comic.
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Dude really enjoying your stories, they are well thought out and written.
It just like how these characters would act, and makes me think about what was going on after the prom.
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Thanks for the fav=D
DorMaelstrum Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007
Your work, "Twists and Turns of Love", I like, Greatly. Chapter 20 PLEASE!!!
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