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[Funshot] The Meaning Of Dreams


Days of Yore: Funshots #2

Title: The Meaning of Dreams (ft. my brother Dean as the VA of Stephen)
YouTube Icon Youtube link:… (in case you're having trouble loading this)

Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it! ^_^
Sorry for the noob Japanese dubbing. We tried our best though.. ahaha. It’s all for you, :iconanimedovahkin: (Stephen Presberg)! XD Happy birthday~ (haha, I wanted to be one of the first to greet you. :aww: ) Have a marvelous birthday!! Rock on with your studies and ei, we’re all rooting for your fantastic writings!

Behind the scenes: Arty actually intended to give you Lindor truffles but she was tempted to eat those yummy chocolate pokeballs! Now she blames those pokeballs for “leading” her into trolling you with the book.

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Happy Pirate Accordion…
Boom Boom…


Tearing Paper………

Whoop II…
Comic Eye blink…
Comedic Boing…

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seralune's avatar
This is very funny and cute :D :love:
Zarashi99's avatar
Waaah, thank you for enjoying this li'l funny skit. :squee:
Bushaqua's avatar
Very cute and creative! Loved it:heart:
Zarashi99's avatar
Thank you very much! :heart: Awwwww :iconblushplz:
Astral-Chan's avatar
Awwww lol Artemis is such a troll!!! This is so funnyyyyyy Ren-chwaaan I love all your animations and I am sure that Stephen loved this a lot!! You are such a wonderful friend!!!! :heart: 
Zarashi99's avatar
Muahahahaha! Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL 
That's Arty for ya.. ;) She can be a professional troll, mind you.
Sensei, I love your animations too! :heart:

Aiyaaaah, :iconblushplz: Thanksie!
And thank you for watching~
Inspector-Spinda's avatar
I enjoyed this as well. I think it would benefit from being on youtube. I think more ppl might see it there (?) and they could go back in the video rather than wait for it to loop (which happened to me because I opened both videos without realized what they were and they started playing at once welp)
Zarashi99's avatar
Oh! But it's on YouTube. :)
The link's in the description. :heart:

Thanks for enjoying this! And I'm sorry for the trouble loading this. dA flash player can get really slow. :(
Inspector-Spinda's avatar
Oh Sweating a little...  ignore that then I didn't notice it
Zarashi99's avatar
It's alright. ^_^
Agawaer's avatar
Lindor truffles is best truffles. :)
Zarashi99's avatar
DoY/Meta-Stephen agrees! And I know even Real Life Stephen does. :iconkakashithumbsupplz:
DaiseyMae's avatar
That's amazingly good! the animation is very nice as well as the voice acting! Nice job!! :3
Zarashi99's avatar
Thank you so much!!! :heart:
I hope it gave you a good laugh and brightened your day~ :meow:
DaiseyMae's avatar
Oh it did! I loved it! :) 
Zarashi99's avatar
MiniDragonfly's avatar
That is pretty funny.:laughing:  The girl is meditating and the guy next to her fell asleep. :XD:  He hoped she could make his dreams come true, but she trolled him in the end.  I suggest making his subble thicker as well as give him a bit of a more masculine head and eyes because I thought he was a girl with a square line around his mouth. ^^;  
Zarashi99's avatar
Lolololol, she can be quite the professional troll. :XD:
Oh! Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't want to draw a super thick stubble because in my draft it didn't suit his young look. But I'll try making it thicker for my next animation featuring him. :nod:
About the eyes.. I think I'll leave it like that.. XD He has a simple design and yes, he can be mistaken for a girl because of that but that's one of his traits in the manga. Nyehuehuehue...
Zyreno's avatar
Awwwh, what a cute animation >w< I bet this has took quite the while to animate too. Lovely animations and characters >w< I feel sorry for the guy though qnq He just wanted to have his truffles QnQ
Zarashi99's avatar
Nyaaaaaw, all the time spent working on this was worth it. It's a birthday gift animation. :meow:
Thank you for enjoying this. :heart: Nyahahaha, trolled big time. :lmao:
Zyreno's avatar
I can imagine! It must have been hard to animate it too!
Billiski's avatar
Very cute animation! It must have took a look of patience to create this. Well done!
I think your Japanese sounds fine, but I particularity like how you create exaggerated emotions haha really adds a nice comedic value. Great job! 
Zarashi99's avatar
Aiyaaaah! But hearing feedback from you guys makes all the time spent on this worth it all. :)
Thank you very much for enjoying my second animated, dubbed skit. ^_^
z0mbiekid's avatar
That's totally the kind of thing I would do lol. I love how he thought he'd be getting his truffles, and even from behind you could feel his disappointment when he realised it wasn't. Awesome
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