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Meridian Will
Ahhh, yes, I forgot to post this here! So here's my interpretation of what Will would look like in Meridian attire. I tried to draw inspiration from the usual color schemes associated with Meridian (being all those cool blues and teals) and traditional Norse attire (as me and my friend Anne headcanon that Meridian is based off Old Norse culture). We also found a pic of a nice cloak that seem to go well with the design. Heart

I also wanted to keep the tomboyish style that Will seemed to be known for, and something that would still let her move around and be light on her feet. I also wanted to give her that adventurous/traveling edge.

AS for the longer hair? Mostly to indicate that she's supposed to be older in this picture.
My Phowill fankid Arty being all huffy (to be honest, I actually based this off an owl grumpily marching off). There are times I see her interchanging between tomboyish and more girly outfits (she still tends to go for a classy edge though). I think I chalk it up to her somewhat taking after her mother in this respect! XD

For more info on Arty: Artemis Ref
Magnus Hunt ref
"The crowd fell silent; spell bounded by his tales of lost lovers, unsung heroes, and myths. It was almost unbelievable, Artemis thought. All he had done was sing..."

Artist's Note: So, heya! it's been awhile since I've posted anything. College has been hectic so I had been pretty busy. But anyway, here's a character I've had in store for a while. Meet my Orphic bard!

Name: Magnus Kantarona Hunt

Nickname: Mag, Bard boy (by Persy)

Description: Kind, quiet and a gentle soul by nature, Mag was often seen as an invisible, unassuming soul to the public eye. Those who noticed him often thought him as strange, for while his singing talent was impeccable, he could sometimes be found talking to air!  Others thought he was crazy, for his views on death were, to say the least... very different. Little did the people of the Meridian capital know, the bard had a gift: he could communicated with spirits. Using his songs and his lute (which may or may not have magical properties), he traveled around Meridian and helped lost souls move on to the afterlife. There would be times one would even bump into the bard performing in a local pub or small public performances depending on where he would be. People would often say that there was something alluring about the young bard's voice; something that would always draw them to his performances and give them this soothing feeling (despite the chills they'd feel as if there were other unseen members in the audience), but none could figure out why or how it happened.

Unbeknownst to to people, Magnus was actually a reptilian himself. He belong to the Crocodilian tribes, a group of reptilians that have been mostly banished from Meridian many eons ago by Sir Escanor himself. History books that would mention these tribes would not leave out that their gift and power over Nether magic was always something to be feared. 

Soon, Queen Elyon would find the quiet bard at the doorstep to her castle, ready to perform for her. But what are the bard's motivations? Is he here to help rebuild the connection between his people and the Meridian capital? ...Or is he here for something more sinister?


For more info on Magnus's tribe, check out the lore handbook for Meridian that me and my friend Annelaurant made together! 

Here's the link: Metamoor Lore Handbook
Starry-Eyed for Yule
Sorry, I know this is late, the holidays were pretty busy! XD But I thought I’d drop this here.

Anyway, here’s our favorite Meridian rebel leader getting introduced to Earth’s version of the winter holiday. Needless to say, he’s pretty amazed with everything (and probably likes chowing down on all the holiday themed food!) and pretty mindblown with the capabilities of Earth humans with being festive.

This lil doodle was also partially inspired by my friend Annelaurant’s latest fic, Yule’s Eve (which also features some Caleb x Aldarn and a bit of Cedric x Orube if you’re interested!). It’s a pretty good read and adorable!

Caleb and W.I.T.C.H. ©️ Disney
Illianah Dawnstar
Haven’t exactly gotten back to playing WoW again. Maybe when i’m not so swamped with homework and personal projects. :’^) 

Anyway, here’s my oc Illianah. She’s a Void Elf Warlock. More information coming soon!

Warcraft/World of Warcraft ©️Blizzard
Illianah ©️ Me


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