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Mode 7 Racing Flash Game _WIP_

This is the latest version of my mode7 engine.
You can check the old (creepy one) here : [link]

Though it uses still old school rays, it's still efficient.

It's still a wip..

Keyboard arrows to move, press Shift to toggle quality mode.
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darkyoshi973's avatar
i got out the map
TheMagicCrafter's avatar
Awesome stuff, dude! What did you use to make this? Stencyl?
Zappan's avatar
Thanks, only Flash and actionscript (2.0 in this case, quiet old engine).
You can see how it works there :… (source downloadable)
pinkfluffyunicorn123's avatar
reminds me of Amnesia D:
Eos-24-iso-8's avatar
you should add level borders.
aliciahedgehog747's avatar
LOL I just went out of bounds
BomKosh's avatar
God I wonder if any one uses it anymore?
Zappan's avatar
Hehe, some retro-game makers, no one else :)
Thanks for faving it :)
rockman296's avatar
its good, but you can make it slow down then stop, to make it look more realistic. either way, your doing a good job. Merry Christmas
qwigoqwaga's avatar
I just sat for 3 minutes playing this xD

This is now my favorite racing game: I always win xD
Stickbomber's avatar
Hope theres a race version.
Beau-Skunk's avatar
Mode 7 graphics were pretty cool back in the 16-bit video game days. Games like F-Zero, Super Mario Kart, & Sonic CD's bonus stages all felt so 3D because of it.
(And it was nice to finally have racing games where you could turn all the way around.)

This is a pretty cool thing you made here. It may not be the full game, but it's acctually kinda fun to zoom around in all directions with it. :) It's amazing what you can do with Flash nowadays.
Zappan's avatar
Yeah, I'm an old school mode 7 nostalgic too :)

Flash is able to do this "trick" since the 5th version ;)
Beau-Skunk's avatar
That's cool, I didn't know you could do mode 7 effects in Flash. Not many people seem to appreciate Mode 7 graphics, or talk about them much. ;) Nice to see somebody else who does.

Makes me wanna play F-Zero or something.
Disthron's avatar
Wow, this is waaaay better than the first version you had linked to.
g9300327's avatar
That is so cool!
Great-5's avatar
This is great!
Eric-the-Rexman's avatar
You should add a vehicle.
nxz-10E's avatar
what program u used
Rayray23's avatar
awesty's avatar
thats really awesome man nice work :D
Dark-Pumpkin's avatar
That's a really cool engine!
shigidysham's avatar
The-Titan's avatar
oh mate day javu, i think i've seen this before! but where

ha very awsome!
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