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Breakfast Tea

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A pair of Red-bellied lemur (Eulemur rubriventer) the males of this species can be easily identified by the distinct white marking around the eyes. Most of the females have a white neck.
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Apr 10, 2017, 10:53:12 PM
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XD This person has no talent WHATSOEVER!! Check my art out guys, it's so much better :) :)
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This looks so beautiful, the color combinations are amazing!
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Lol you're adorable. ^~^
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Lol you're a waste of space
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You probably hate me and want me to die (just like what you say to everyone else on DA that you hate) but know I DONT hate you and I know you hurt others because ur hurt
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You can screw off. Your art is as bad as your modesty. Improve that and you might actually get friends. I feel sorry for you. It takes a lot of self doubt and insecurity to be this oblivious and selfish.
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Great art as always-love this pair!Heart 
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Thank you, and thanks for adding it to your group. I was going to but wasn't sure what category it fit in. 
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You're welcome!Fox emoji - run 
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Awww, they're adorable! :aww:
Love their colouring!
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I'm working with color pencil more now. Trying to get a grasp on texture, blending, and highlights I feel like it is coming together now. 
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Lemurs, now it makes sense! From the thumbnails I thought otters, but it didn't look quite right.
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Various lemur species are going to become much more frequent subjects in my drawings. 
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Love the composition and color scheme -- also the subtle shifts of tone.  Cool costumes, too!
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The actual species is suppose to be more of a plane brown but I started having too much fun playing with the tones. 
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this looks really nice!
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Thank you, I'm glad you like them. 
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I got to watch the progress on this one!  :)
The markings on these craytures sure are pretty.  
The hairstyle of the male brings-to-mind those monkeys from the 1960's Disney film, The Jungle Book.
Very cute, this is.
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I'm glad I added the plants :D a lot of the lemur species have interesting "hairdos" I wan to  play around with that as I draw more of them. The male Eulemurs tend to have what look like bushy sideburns. 
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