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Introduction to Orange Haven: The World
Territorial designation: Orange Haven
Inhabited planets: Ard, Mirrich and Asteroid belt Colony Swarm

So often the tales of travelers and adventures from antiquity seem filled with great and fantastic embellishments. While this could be all too easily attributed to bragging or boasting, and much of it likely is, if one examines these stories carefully, a curious pattern of consistent elements start to emerge. Travelers from far removed cultures seem to include many of the same descriptions. Great Southern Kingdoms, with temples of gold and ivory rising from the jungle mists. Academies with great stores of knowledge from some lost time before our own tradition of ink and chisel remembers, their halls and shelves stacked with secrets waiting for the intrepid seeker. The peoples of these distant lands are often described as monsters, yet here again consistent patterns emerge in all accounts. There are giants, pigmies, cyclopes, men
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Introduction to Orange Haven: The People

Sentient Population:
The Peoples of Orange haven are of stunning diversity. The world boasts an astonishing cast of five hominids, two sentient apes, two theiathorpic species, and two nephilimic variant races. In this world Homo sapiens share the land with homo corinautus, a species of human with a pair of antelope-like horns. (Homo corinautis) sometimes are called the “Crowned People.”  They tend to be much taller and physically stronger than most other humans and usually have very dark black skin. The eye color of the Crowned People can range from brown and black to ruby red and gold. They are most common in Cush and southern Libya. The Crowned People have a fascinating language.  It is most similar to the Nilotic languages with whom they are closely linked. Their alphabet includes a clacking sound from the back of the throat, and a nasal snort serving as letters in their alphabet. These features give their language a distinc
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20190108 160933 Burst01 by Zaphkiellane
psychopsis mendenhall 

I can't believe how old I am or how much my life has changed lately. I've been trying to dig into my work and trying to start a family lately and it has cost me a lot of time I previous spent on my hobbies. That being said I have started writing more lately. I feel it was about time I started recording what I have worked so hard building. As of yet the written works I've posted don't seem to be as enjoyed by people as my drawings. I may just have to take that as a hint and stick to drawing, we'll see.  But now flowers! 
20190223 112335 by Zaphkiellane
My yellow phalaenopsis
20190220 222808-1 by Zaphkiellane
Coco "space race" oncidium
Smells like chocolate, I love these plants for their smell as much as their blooms. 
20190223 111633 Burst01 by Zaphkiellane
zygolum hybrid 
This one sat around forever but put on such a show. Smells like jsamin and honey. 
20190223 111233 Burst01 by Zaphkiellane
This zygopetalum came from a show I went to. Bought her in bloom, the violet and rose smell on her was too wonderful to pass up. 
20190220 222633 Burst01 by Zaphkiellane
"Chocolate drop lilly"  oncidium hybrid 
While I was disappointed that this didn't smell like chocolate (or anything actually ) it is an impressive bloom. 

If you any of you want more written work or would rather just stick to doodles let me know. 

Hope y'all enjoyed the flowers. God bless 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Currently living in North Carolina

I grew up in south east Texas.

I work mostly with traditional media, but I experiment with digital now and then. Traditional artwork is my own preference. I like to get comments on my work. Especially if you have caught one of the cryptic religious, scientific, or esoteric messages that I like to hide in my drawings. There is something symbolic or deeper in everything I post and it's fun to find things in other people's art.

I will try to reply to any questions and welcome sharing advice and techniques.

My work is mostly based on my world that I have created. Involving my original places and characters. I hope you enjoy.

If I've left you a llama it's because I like your gallery. I just like to check and make sure your account is still active before giving you a watch.



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