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A friend and I want to start working on a story about a rescued slave who finds love and learns her worth. Help us pick her species. 

29 deviants said Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)
25 deviants said Spotted skunk (Spilogale putorius )
23 deviants said Ringtail cat (Bassariscus astutus)
I wrote this after reading Melancholy Dreams by Kajm

This was going to be a response to his journal but it was so long that I decided to post it as an independent journal.
I don't exactly have reoccurring dreams but I do have a number of places that are recurrent settings where my dreams take place.

1. The Fountain City: all the buildings and skyscrapers here are large elaborate fountains. They have waterfalls cascading down them and are covered elaborate marvelous carvings. In place of streets are canals with boats and barges. It is also possible to travel through the town by systems of waterslides. The underground pf this city is disgusting though. It consists of this labyrinth of awful locker rooms, toilet stalls, and utility rooms. The vibe down there is sketchy and it is full of mildew, malfunctioning lights, and 8ft long centipedes. I've learned it is best to say on the surface in that place. The city is playful and happy and people are dressed like they are at a water park. There lots of street bands preforming on just about every corner.

2. Rain Town: This is a Town that is all tree houses built into huge sprawling oak trees. I have never seen it not raining in this place. All the branches, roof tops, and railings are covered in ferns, orchids, and shelf fungus that are very pretty. The appliances, and décor of the homes all have a 1950's style about them with lots of wood paneling. There are elevated roller coaster like track ways through out the town. people either travel by small personal buggies or on these big stream train like machines. The place smells like fresh rain and oak moss. I love this place and dream about it quite often. 

3. The Three Lakes farm lands: The center of this region of dream scape is a lake that resembles the one beside my grandparents house, however any time that I dream there are always another lake above below it. the lower one is vast and has a white church by the shore that I stare at but never go in. In any dream the land scape around that lake will always be wrong this way. The surrounding country side is very much like my home town but most of it is abandoned, or arranged wrong, and some of the houses are upside down. It is always hot mid-summer in this place with lots of flowers. The pastures are full of cows and horses that are all much larger than they should be some at level with the canopy of the trees and graze on them and there are Andrewsarchus, for what ever reason, wandering about that you have to be mindful of. In spite of this the place is very peaceful and feels happy.          

4. The Sandy wood ponds: this place is located in a forest of tall thin pine trees and sandy soil. Some of these trees have large tumors with symbols carved into them. I can recall a spiral, a triangle with a broken light bulb in the center, a beaver, an owl, a snake, and one studded with teeth. These change some times if you turn your back on them. There are six artificial lakes all regular rectangular in shape and only about half a meter deep. A old tin shed is to the side of these it goes to an underground area that is full of locked doors and loud machines that all look like they are about to break. Open tool boxes, oily rags, and tools are always scattered about down there but it is always empty. Some times a rams horn trumpet can be heard off in the distant woods. Other times there will be a bang from the shed an color shuts of and the place turns black and white.  The place feels unhappy and is usually "dead end" if a dream takes me there, I will typically be such their along with any other dream characters that happen to be traveling with me until I wake up. This is the only place on this list I really dislike.   

I was curious if any of you have either recurrent dreams or dream locations. Or even better if any of these dream locations sounded like place you had also dreamed of.


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I grew up in south east Texas.

I work mostly with traditional media, but I experiment with digital now and then. Traditional artwork is my own preference. I like to get comments on my work. Especially if you have caught one of the cryptic religious, scientific, or esoteric messages that I like to hide in my drawings. There is something symbolic or deeper in everything I post and it's fun to find things in other people's art.

I will try to reply to any questions and welcome sharing advice and techniques.

My work is mostly based on my world that I have created. Involving my original places and characters. I hope you enjoy.

If I've left you a llama it's because I like your gallery. I just like to check and make sure your account is still active before giving you a watch.



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