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SS for Messa
By Zaphk   |   Watch
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Published: December 25, 2007
© 2007 - 2019 Zaphk
And now a gift for :iconmessa: :heart:
for the event ~secretsantashelper

What you asked for the SS was so cute xD;; I was glad to draw something for you.
It's Adrienne , her chara and the fat artical foxes (they're not foxes, or artical...but everyone call them this way so..) are my charas.
Hope you like it! ^^

Merry Christmas, Messa!
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that's teh best fan art ive ever seen
AnaChen's avatar
AnaChenStudent General Artist
RadicalDreamerSteph's avatar
RadicalDreamerStephHobbyist General Artist
myaime's avatar
I love the composition of the colors and the emotions, nice work :)
Rockmandash15's avatar
I wanna make this one a favourite twice
Ritsukacch's avatar
Ritsukacch Photographer
Awww, I love it *__*
Yukitsune-san's avatar
Yukitsune-sanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah~,that looks a lot like me...its absolutely beautiful. luv your works.
Cl0ud9delight's avatar
This is really nice. I love it :D
friendbynote's avatar
This is so beautiful.
I love the glowing effect. :)
mimose-stock's avatar
mimose-stockHobbyist Photographer
simple and restricted but awesomely great :aww:
ink-explosions's avatar
This is a beautiful piece, and though it's has Messa's whimsical feel, in you're style it becomes all yours. I'm in love with this art. :)
Bee-Gi's avatar
i would love to see more like these ! i love it
devdayondaydev's avatar
I love your pics
they're really insightful :)
dotflux's avatar
Olha só, esse eu vi no senac, parabéns, muito bonito
joseotaku's avatar
joseotaku Digital Artist
Very nice. :)
HYDEness23's avatar
so so beautiful. i was so much amazed by the beauty of your work. keep it up. :heart:
Stella-Shuriken's avatar
So simple and so much beauty!
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Sorry for being random but I'd figure I'd give you a heads up about something that has terribly happened and come up recently. It’s something that affects...EVERYONE! This is one of the WORST thing ever! It’s worse than thieves! Even thieves should read should read this and say "Damn...that sucks"

mag.awn. com/index.php?ltype; Pageone&article_no=3605&; page=1

The Orphan bill will make any creative work (photo, drawing, sculpture, anything artistic) unprotected unless registered fully by private copyright bureaus (every last one of them).

This is some serious shit. You have to register every completed piece you have ever created since 1974 with every private copright assosiation in order to protect your creation/work. If you do not, any business or person can take it and use it without paying you royalties and without asking for permission.


Remember, each registration for each photo costs money which you may not have or get the time to pay for. And that's a fee for every registry, every time.

Every creative artistic work you may produce can be taken without permission and can be labeled as "orphaned" through this bill and all auto-copyright RIGHTS the people have will be lost.

The fat cats benefit from this and you lose. Not only your creativity but your individuality and livelihood.

Go to the link and read it all, I implore you. Then do what you can with your voice to protect your rights. If they have this, then what's next? Your right to free speach? The right to protect yourself?

mag.awn. com/index.php?ltype; Pageone&article_no=3605&; page=1

"The internet is serious business." And something like this Orphan bill doesn't make that remark sarcastic.

(Remember to remove the spaces of the link.)

If you don't help do something about this, than everything you created is not your own anymore.

Now, granted this does effect artists...but it also effects writers as well. Anything, I don't know what this will mean for us as starving artists. I will we get jobs? How will we get ourselves out their? Oh and please send me a direct link...because for some reason, I can't really get on the site...Thank you and godspeed.
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Holy Cow.
I hope you don't mind me watching you??!!
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the black fade in the backround is done well. The pose is very nice. And the white "canines" (i'm assunming they are wolves) are ever so elagantly featured.
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