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I'm Zaphire (zaf-fear), or just Zaph (zaf) to some. I've been causally into fury stuff since childhood, growing up with Disney movies and Saturday morning cartoons featuring all kinds of anthropomorphic characters. Sadly, I didn't learn of the fandom until I was in my early 20s. I've always had a particular interest in foxes; I love the fluffy tails they are almost always drawn with. I've nothing against real foxes, in fact I've always found it funny how some of my own personality quirks are so easily found in them as well. While my obsession may not be anywhere near as extreme as others in the fandom, my desk has become my own personal shrine of fox plushies and artwork.

As a computer and network technician, my online and offline worlds are one and the same to me; I'm not a different person just because the medium is different, I just use a different name. I also work in two-way radio communication systems and I'm a licensed HAM radio operator. In my free time I watch movies and anime, play games, or just futz around with something on one of my computers. I'm a multi-platform user; Windows (mostly for gaming), Linux and FreeBSD servers, and Apple for my artistic side. I'm also very familiar with Photoshop and illustrator and jump into that now and then just to doodle.

I'm an introvert so I tend to be pretty quiet until I'm more familiar with someone, though I'm always open to conversation if you can get me started. I'm also easily distracted and often do a terrible job remembering to communicate with people on occasion. Anywho...

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Almost anything animated.
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Gary's Mod, Supreme Commander, Dust, Firefall
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Photoshop, Illustrator

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Lol! Thanks for the llama Zaphire ^^
Well, you know... DA kindly reminded me of birthdays and whatnot and I noticed that I hand't given you a llama yet so I figured... yeah... need to fix that.  Heh.  Your welcome!
Yesh my birthday is next week ^^
And thank you kindly^^
Hey I know you from Discord! :O

Thanks for the watch! It's nice to have you. :)

da first one I fink.
Aha, the stalker from the strem has found us