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Is that really you?

By zaphiel-san
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I had so much work lately I really needed to draw something relaxing :)

The idea of a cg in this autumny-septemberish setting has beend bouncing around in my head since this summer, and now it came out through my hand quite randomly :D


EDIT: Knocked back the lineart a bit, looks much better IMHO :)
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Shiito-kunHobbyist General Artist
So cute =3= details are awesome and colors too!! I love it ^_^
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AiUkitakeHobbyist General Artist
wow the detail is brilliance :)
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oh this is cute! the coluring is nice, and the background gives a lovely effect I want that shirt lol!
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not bad. If it wasn't so cold here. It's winter where I live.
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ksagagProfessional General Artist
You have been featured here: [link] for your awesome llama-giving! :dummy:
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zaphiel-san Digital Artist
Thank youu so much! :)
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ksagagProfessional General Artist
You're welcome. Thanks for the llama! :D
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:iconicantbelieveitplz: this is truly amazing!
the lighting is so beautiful~

so gorgeuos!
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zaphiel-san Digital Artist
:) THank you! :)
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So adorable! :D
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swordmaster007Hobbyist General Artist
Cute and colorful. :D
TwilightAlchemist17's avatar
Dear god that is amazing! o.0;
I am speechless it is so beautiful and well done. *applause*
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this is simply a masterful drawing, i love the expression on her face, it really gives me some ideas for my new story... i must say it is amazing, great job
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kur0himeHobbyist General Artist
shes's lovely....luv her blue eye..^^
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LordIceFoxStudent Traditional Artist
Ich liebe es. Dieses ist so nett.

Verzeihen Sie mir. Ich versuche Deutsches, wieder zu sprechen zu üben. Ich bin sehr… lausig.

*looking at old notes taken in high school, as well as my old dictionary. Still having trouble with the clarifying articles.*
zaphiel-san's avatar
zaphiel-san Digital Artist
Virklisch? ;P
LordIceFox's avatar
LordIceFoxStudent Traditional Artist
Ja, aber ich habe viel zu lernen. Ich möchte eine zweite Spreche zu sprechen.

do you know all the codes for the umlaut version letters. I only know the ones for ö and ä none of the capitals. Had to go on Microsoft Word to find them but it's causing the screen to freeze just opening it. :iconcluelessplz:
zaphiel-san's avatar
zaphiel-san Digital Artist
Nein, das weiss ich nicht.

Deutsch is my third language, so I'm not that good at it yet :D Especially that I can't help but jump from learing one language to another, I've been into Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, and even Korean and Chinese, although I don't remember anything in Korean and only 'can you speak English' in Chinese ;P

I envy people who grow up learning 5 languages just by picking them up, like some guys on Thailand, where they learn English, French, Chinese and some local dialects just by the virtue of growing up there ;___;
LordIceFox's avatar
LordIceFoxStudent Traditional Artist
Well basically, I have been studying to learn spanish, latin, and german. German is the language that I spent 3 1/2 years learning. Though I am much slower picking up another language, due to my constant reliance of english, I was able to at one point read in german and slightly write it, but speaking was a bit complicated, pronunciation was simple, but just being able to have a conversation proved harder to me. I am impressed about those who even know a second language and I feel that I am inferior. Sorry for blowing up you comment box. ^^
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Kat-HavensProfessional General Artist
OMG I love it.
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NaiichieProfessional Digital Artist
OMG !!! woooooooooooooooooooooooow !!!!!!!!!! that's beautiful o.o
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dobrze zrobione, ładne cieniowanie, piękna kolorystyka, odznaczające się śliczne oczy. postać wydaje się bardzo delikatna, niewinna i głupiutka. ciekawy ten loczek na szczycie głowy. być może ze względu na włosy, szyja wydaje się strasznie chuda i mała

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CarmelluxHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow :3
Nicely Done :)
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Abyss-ValkyrieStudent Digital Artist
Cuuute!Love the BG!!!
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