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i cri o o o o o oo oo o o o o o oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo o o ooo oooo o ooooo o o o oo oo ooo o o o ooo o ooo ...

This here is an very incredibly impactful commentary on the average westerner's faltering commitment to upholding traditional cultural ...

Its clear that the artist paid painstaking attention to the detail on the form of the subject(Shrek). I can tell the artist had went th...


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4/11/19, 6:35 pm EST, Falcon Heavy rocket test
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Apollo-9-patch by Zanza-Manza-Anza Apollo9 Prime Crew (1) by Zanza-Manza-Anza
(On the left) The official insignia of Apollo 9, designed by the late Allen Stevens (6/16/1915 - 5/21/1994) who had worked during the 60's & 70's as a graphic designer for the Space Division of Rockwell International before retiring in 1978.
The 'D' in McDivitt's name is filled in to mark that this was the D mission of the Apollo program
(On the right) The Prime Crew of Apollo 9, James McDivitt (Left), David Scott (Center), Rusty Schweickart (Right)

This is only a very brief summary of Apollo 9 & the people behind it.
For more detailed information, please look at the professionally made articles linked down below!

MAR. 24, 2019 -
Although I'm a couple weeks too late here, I still have every intention not to let the occasion pass without so much as a mention of the dauntless heroism of Brig. Gen. James McDivitt, Col. David Scott, & Russel "Rusty" Schweickart, as Commander, Command Module Pilot, & Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 9, respectively.

If Apollo 11 was a "giant leap for mankind" as famously put by the late Neil Armstrong (8/5/1930 - 8/25/2012), then the prior Apollo missions (as well as the GeminiMercury, & even the Soviet Vostok & Voskhod programs) were the criminally overlooked running steps building up to what was the epic climax of the Space Race & of Manned Exploration in general, even to this day, on that faithful July nearly 50 years ago.

After its launch on March 3, 1969, Apollo 9 became the first flight of the Apollo Command/Service module (CSM) with the Apollo Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) as well as the first manned evaluation of the LEM in Low Earth Orbit(LEO).
Apollo 9 was the third manned Apollo mission after Apollo 7(The first manned test flight of the CSM) & Apollo 8(the first manned launch of the Saturn V & the first time humans left LEO & orbited the Moon). The Crew of Apollo 9 tested multiple technologies & maneuvers that were crucial to a manned Moon landing. This included a general overview of launch vehicle & spacecraft systems, such as the LEM's engines & navigation systems, & procedures such as the rendezvous & docking of the CSM & LEM, as well as the first ever internal crew transfer directly between two spacecraft. Russell Schweickart had also carried out the first test of the complete Apollo "A7L" space-suit, which was the first spacesuit to have its own life support system, the Portable Life Support System, or the “backpack”. 
It must be noted that the first two manned spacecraft to dock successfully, the Soyuz 4 and 5 spacecraft, had docked on January 16, 1969, but a connecting tunnel for the docking mechanism had not yet been developed, as such the two transferring cosmonauts were required to spacewalk from one vehicle to the other)

On March 13, 1969, after 10 days in LEO, the crew of Apollo 9 splashed down in the Atlantic, East of the Bahamas, where they were recovered by the USS Guadalcanal. They had spent a total of 241 hours & 53 seconds in space carrying out vital work that proved the "A7L" space-suit worthy of use in extravehicular activities (EVA), & the LEM worthy of manned spaceflight. All prime mission objectives had been met, & all major spacecraft systems were successfully demonstrated. Apollo 9 had ended as a historic success that revolutionized space travel, & the technologies & procedures that it tested changed the face of human exploration forever.
The Command Module
 for Apollo 9 is currently on display at the San Diego Air & Space Museum (The Service Module was jettisoned just prior to re-entry into Earth's atmosphere). The Backup crew for Apollo 9 (Capt. Charles "Pete" Conrad Jr. (6/2/1930 – 7/8/1999) as Commander, Richard F. Gordon Jr. (10/5/1929 – 11/6/2017) as the Command Module Pilot, & Alan L. Bean (3/15/1932 – 5/26/2018) as the Lunar Module Pilot) later went on to become the prime crew for Apollo 12.

Detailed reading & Sources:


Smithsonian Nat. Air & Space Museum (On the crew's spaceflight histories):…

Project Apollo Archive (Image Gallery):…

collectSPACE (On Allen Stevens & his work on the Apollo mission patches):…

Encyclopedia Astronautica:
(On Apollo 9):…
(On Soyuz 4):…
(On Soyuz 5):…

More reading:

Aerospace Legacy Foundation(On Project Gemini):…

(On Project Mercury):…
(On Project Gemini):…
A guy asked for shrimp, so here it is I guess...

It's hard for me to think that 2018's almost over.
It sure has been a hell of a year hasn't it?
The internet drama, the shit-show that is the current political climate, and it was the year I decided to post stuff on DA for the first time, I'd be a filthy liar if I tried to say it hasn't been a real trip all throughout,...

...and through it all, here's to the hopes that 2019, the final year of this shit-show of a decade, ends on a better note than her predecessor.

Happy New Years!!!



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