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Neon Rainbow Dash

rainbow dash and her cutie mark neon

neon ponies folder [link]
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Let the rainbow shine with neon!
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Soo many colors. Only 20% cooler. C'mon rainbow dash, change the percent number.
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What pens did you use
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already have a dead person in me
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ive herad this two time now
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I'm sorry...I dint realize it was spam :(
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its ok cute icon
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I heard it 30 times today
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I love Rainbow Dash. This is so cool.... :D
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can i use this on a t-shirt i will make on welovefine i will give you credit 
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wait wait wait, hold on. You shouldnt give him permissions to use YOUR WORK to win in a contest. This is Cheating!!  He took your picture, removed your watermark and is using it to win money. This isnt fair at all. WELOVEFINE TOS clearly says 

Entrant’s Representations and Warranties: By submitting an Entry, you represent and warrant that: (a) the Entry is an original work created solely by you; (b) you own all rights to the Entry; (c) to the extent the Entry depicts any individual, you are the individual pictured in the submission, or, alternatively, that you have obtained written permission from each person appearing in the Entry to grant the rights to WeLoveFine described in the “WeLoveFine’s Rights to Entries” section below, and can make written copies of such permissions available to WeLoveFine upon request; and (d)the Entry complies with all requirements of these Official Rules.

so yeah. might wanna rethink having him win that contest off your hard work.
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 yes I know, I thought he just want to do a shirt, no enter to a contest 
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you should have asked him what exactly what he was going to do. It got taken down thanks WLF. just be careful next time.
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Hi ZantyARZ,
We strongly suggest you enter it yourself instead!  It's a great design!

All the best,

Contest Coordinator
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