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Neon Nightmare Moon Wallpaper

Another wallpaper (I don't know if looks good) :(

Twilight: [link]

Rainbow Dash: [link]

Pinkie Pie: [link]

Rarity: [link]

Fluttershy: [link]

Applejack: [link]

Princess Celestia: [link]

Princess Luna: [link]

Cadance: [link]

Chrysalis: [link]

DJ-Pon3: [link]
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can i use this on my facebook profile and my background on my laptop?
ZantyARZ's avatar
sure, no problem :)
occrystalsummer's avatar
mind if i use this as a background on my gaia online profile?
occrystalsummer's avatar
Songbreeze741's avatar
Hnnngh~I want that Nightmare Moon vector in its normal colors *3*

colossalJinx's avatar
It looks great, but to improve it you should remove the cm.
ZantyARZ's avatar
really? now tell me how I need to do my own images
colossalJinx's avatar
But in the description you said you dont know if it looks good :( Therefore I am trying to help you, It looks really cool but the cutie mark draws attention from Nightmare Moon herself, plus her cutie mark isnt the prettiest because its just a blob unlike twilights, you dont need to be rude.
ZADRgirl2113's avatar
I saved a few of these wallpapers to my computer to use as backgrounds on my computer, do you mind?
HauntedAlexander's avatar
I love the purple hue in the background behind the sky blue moon. It just brings out the evilness inside Nightmare Moon
cleon126's avatar
can you make one of apple jack baby. please
cleon126's avatar
wicked awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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SpudnikKildozer's avatar
I like it, but wished she was smiling. It is still great. 9/10
thatlittlecreepypony's avatar
y u no put her smiling
alymarry's avatar
How can I make those Neon Ponies to be wallpapers? (sorry for that grammar,,lol.)
cuteface10's avatar
I just save the picture then click 'use as wallpaper'
ZantyARZ's avatar
You need to know how tu use effects in photoshop
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